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Restoring Trust in Business Communications with Blockchain-based SMS
[April 25, 2023]

Restoring Trust in Business Communications with Blockchain-based SMS

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In an age where trust between consumers and businesses is critical - yet perhaps lower than ever - technology is paving the way for more secure and reliable communication channels. To help solve the trust issue, Sevis Systems and TSG Global have partnered to enhance the trustworthiness of SMS, looking to provide businesses and their customers an revived confidence in their interactions.

This collaboration comes at a time when the communications industry is plagued by fraud and abuse, and the need for secure messaging is more pressing than ever. The rise of mobile technology has made SMS an indispensable communication tool for businesses. It offers a direct and efficient way for companies to engage with their customers, whether it's for marketing, customer service, or transactional purposes. In fact, according to Mobilesquared report, 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of receipt, demonstrating the unparalleled reach and engagement potential of this channel. This makes the security and reliability of SMS messaging even more crucial for businesses.

At the same time, the dominance of SMS as a communications channel creates an opportunity for fraud as bad actors prey on consumers. Of course, in addition to any direct financial impact of fraudulent SMS activity, businesses also face reputational damage when their customers fall victim to scams or phishing attempts. This can result in a loss of trust and, ultimately, a decline in customer loyalty. Naturally, companies need solutions that not only protect their bottom lines, but also ensure their customers feel secure in their interactions.

To help solve this challenge, Sevis Systems, a company known for identifying and eliminating fraudulent activity on telecom networks, has entered into a strategic partnership with TSG Global, a global identity software company. Together, they are introducing a trustable SMS solution within Sevis' eCallMe! service, which is powered by TSG's patented Trusted Number Identity Solution (TNID). The initiative is expected to increase the effectiveness of trustable communications from enterprises to their customers.

TNID is powered by blockchain technology, which plays a crucial role in enabling trusted identities. By creating a decentralized, immutable ledger, blockchain ensures that each digital identity tied to a phone number is secure and verifiable. This increased level of security creates confidence between business and their customers in the authenticity of their communication, improving the overall experience and fostering brand loyalty.

The TNID solution utilizes blockchain technology to tie a digital identity tied to individual phone numbers. By connecting a digital identity to SMS, customers have assurances that communication is actually coming from the business, reducing the risk of fraud.

Noah Rafalko, CEO of TSG Global, emphasizes the importance of identity to both enterprises and consumers. He believes that incorporating TNID data into eCallMe! will ensure trusted communications are delivered, providing confidence to consumers and increasing deliverability through trustable SMS text or voice communication channels.

Sevis Systems offers eCallMe!, a unique hybrid call verification and customer engagement platform designed for enterprises to identify communications originated from their call and contact centers. The integration of trusted identity into text messaging marks the first enterprise solution to provide branded Trusted Caller ID for both voice and text.

Fletcher Hamilton, CEO of Sevis, acknowledges that identity protection is at the core of their business. He asserts that the partnership with TSG will help Sevis continue their commitment to supporting digital identity and delivering trusted branded SMS messaging.

Since 1999, Sevis has been dedicated to identifying and eliminating fraudulent, malicious, and nefarious activity on telecom networks worldwide. The company's knowledge and security expertise have been extended into robocalling, spoofing, and identity protection for businesses and their customers. Sevis' call verification and customer engagement solutions enable clients to establish trust with their customers and stay ahead of evolving threats from fraudsters and hackers.

TSG Global brings decades of experience in supporting trusted communications technologies necessary for today's successful enterprises. Focusing on clients' needs, TSG Global unbundles the complex array of communications services and reassembles them in a custom-built portfolio for each client based on their unique requirements. Their expertise in digital identity and blockchain technology is a valuable asset in the fight against fraud in the business communications space.

The partnership between Sevis Systems and TSG Global is poised to make a significant impact on the trustworthiness of business communications, particularly SMS messaging. As businesses and customers increasingly rely on the messaging channel, security and reliability are more crucial than ever. By leveraging cutting-edge technology like blockchain, Sevis and TSG hope to addressing the challenges businesses face in their efforts to leverage SMS - their customers' preferred channel.

This is just another example of advanced technologies, like blockchain and digital identity solutions, being used to address pressing issues faced by various industries. As these technologies continue to mature, it's their adoption will expand, paving the way for even more innovative solutions to improve security, trust, and reliability in business communications and beyond.

Specifically, the strategic partnership between Sevis Systems and TSG Global serves as a powerful example of how technology can be harnessed to tackle pressing challenges in business communications. By working together to create a more secure and reliable SMS messaging system, these companies are not only protecting businesses and their customers from fraud, but they are also driving trust and loyalty between enterprises and their customers. As the communications landscape continues to evolve, it is this kind of collaboration that will be essential in driving the industry forward and ensuring a safer, more secure future for all.

Edited by Erik Linask

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