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IPinfo Launches a New IP Data Community
[April 24, 2023]

IPinfo Launches a New IP Data Community

IPinfo, a leading provider of accurate, proprietary IP data, announced today the launch of the IPinfo Community Platform. The collaborative platform invites all data professionals to share and discover Internet data knowledge alongside IPinfo's 500,000+ users and IPinfo's data experts.

Since 2013, thousands of customers have used IPinfo's proprietary IP address data to solve a wide variety of business problems. As users increased, IPinfo recognized the opportunity to facilitate the exchange of technical and analytical knowledge between IPinfo users and beyond.

"The variety of use cases built with IPinfo's data is remarkable. Having a community where members can share IP data best practices and explore complex use cases is invaluable for data professionals who are implementing IP data," said Abdullah, Developer Relations Engineer at IPinfo.

The platform provides access to community forums, an extensive knowledge base, and interaction with IPinfo's data experts, which include multiple PhDs and backgrounds in organizations such as Alcatel Lucent, DynDNS, and Facebook.

The IPinfo Community is open and publicly available for data professionals worldwide. Community accounts can be activated using an email address, Google account, or GitHub account. Members can also test IP data implementations discussed in forums or FAQs by creating a free IPinfo account, which provides access to these additional resources:

- 50,000 free IP geolocation API requests each month
- Free IP to Country and ASN data downloads
- More datasets to support complex use cases

The IPinfo team is committed to growing and evolving the community based on member feedback and collaboration. Additionally, the platform will promote community members' knowledge and innovation with various events, hackathons, or other partner initiatives with well-known organizations.

"From the very beginning at IPinfo, being active in online communities has been a critical way for us to grow awareness, help users, and collect feedback," said Ben Dowling, Founder, and CEO at IPinfo. "With the launch of our own community, we'll be able to step up those efforts, and also create the opportunity for our many passionate and knowledgeable users to share their expertise with one another directly."

Click here to join the IPinfo Community.

About IPinfo

IPinfo is an internet data company that provides the most reliable, user-friendly, and accurate IP address datasets. IPinfo's insights are delivered via downloadable feeds or API, including data such as geolocation, company IPs, privacy detection, domains, and more. Originally started as a community project in 2013, the IPinfo platform has processed terabytes of data to produce its custom data sets that allow companies to deanonymize website traffic, prevent fraud, improve threat intelligence, customize customers' experiences, ensure compliance, and much more. Over 500,000 users, from non-profits to Fortune 500 companies, use IPinfo as a trusted source for security, performance, and fraud detection. Locate IPinfo at

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