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Qualified GPT: The Latest Innovation in Pipeline Cloud
[April 20, 2023]

Qualified GPT: The Latest Innovation in Pipeline Cloud

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Qualified, the pipeline generation platform for revenue teams that use Salesforce, has recently launched a new set of Generative AI product capabilities called Qualified GPT. The new capabilities are designed to help revenue teams engage with their most important website visitors in a faster, smarter and more converting manner. With the rapid advancements in Generative AI, companies can better scale their sales and marketing efforts, which is paramount in today's economic climate.

Generative AI is the latest innovation in the AI space, and it has the potential to disrupt the enterprise software industry for the better. Qualified is not the only company working on developing and implementing Generative AI in the enterprise software space. Other prominent companies include OpenAI, IBM (News - Alert), and Microsoft. OpenAI, a research organization focused on developing advanced AI technologies, has been at the forefront of Generative AI research and has developed some of the most impressive language models to date, including GPT-3. IBM and Microsoft (News - Alert), both tech giants, have also invested heavily in developing AI technologies for the enterprise space.

Predictive modeling and predictive AI have been harnessed by the industry for years, but Generative AI can take automation to the next level. By providing a range of generative text apps that can automate tasks such as engagement prompts, copywriting, messaging and chatbots, Qualified GPT helps companies achieve more conversions, a higher converting website and, most importantly, more pipeline.

Qualified GPT's range of generative text apps enables faster and smarter engagements with website visitors.

With Auto Pounce, the platform automatically sends engagement prompts that serve as conversation starters for website visitors that meet ideal customer profiles, saving sales reps time and increasing conversions.

Auto Correct corrects misspellings, fixes grammar errors, and automatically proof-reads responses in conversations, helping sales reps deliver speedy, professional responses.

Auto Tune helps sales reps to sound more eloquent when speaking to potential buyers, and Auto Expand turns shorthand notes or bulleted lists into well-crafted messages, encouraging rep efficiency.

Auto Suggest provides AI-powered recommended conversation responses, and Auto Translate is a game-changer for global companies, allowing for on-the-fly translation between languages.

Lastly, Auto Personalize changes or recommends website text based on visitor data to drive the highest engagement and conversion, while Auto Summarize gives a summary and analysis on website visitor interactions.

Qualified's core philosophy has always been to provide the most powerful approach to pipeline generation using a combination of people, data, and automation.

According to Kraig Swensrud, Founder and CEO of Qualified, 'With the rapid advancements in Generative AI, we will be able to provide even more robust automation to our customers, allowing them to scale their efforts, focus on their highest priority tasks, and ultimately crush their pipeline and revenue targets.' 

IBM's Watson AI platform, which utilizes machine learning and natural language processing, has been used in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, and retail. The company has also recently launched Watson Assistant, a conversational AI platform that allows companies to build their own chatbots and virtual assistants. Microsoft's Dynamics 365, a cloud-based enterprise software suite, includes AI-powered features such as predictive analytics and automated workflows.

The launch of Qualified GPT is significant because it represents the latest innovation in the enterprise software industry. The range of generative text apps that Qualified G T will be available on limited release to a subset of Pipeline Cloud customers this spring. Interested users can sign up for the release on the company's website. With the release of Qualified GPT, the company hopes to further establish its position as a leader in the pipeline generation space and provide an edge to its customers over their competitors.

As the enterprise software industry continues to evolve, companies that can effectively incorporate Generative AI and other advanced technologies into their offerings will be better positioned to succeed in the marketplace. With the launch of Qualified GPT, Qualified has taken a major step forward in this regard, and it will be interesting to see how other companies respond.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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