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Robotics Developer Xaba has Successfully Funded its AI-Powered Platforms
[April 17, 2023]

Robotics Developer Xaba has Successfully Funded its AI-Powered Platforms

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Toronto-based AI-driven robotics developer Xaba (, or Xaba Inc.) has the raised seed funding necessary to bring to market two manufacturing platforms: xCognition and xTrude. (The funding was led by Hazelview Ventures and Whiteshell Group Inc.) This, according to Xaba, will accelerate the platforms' developments, grow Xaba's teams, and support customers.

xCognition and xTrude use proprietary, state-of-the-art industrial AI to eliminate needs for constant human supervision and reprogramming. With consistency, robustness, and persistently high-execution quality and autonomy, Xaba's approach to innovation homes in on transforming robots used in manufacturing into intelligent, self-directed systems capable of automatically optimizing, adjusting, or changing mechanizations' design flows.

Specific to each platform:

xCognition is Xaba's AI-driven control system that captures and models the physics of industrial robotics systems and enables them to execute tasks with a combination of maximum accuracy and repeatability.

xTrude is Xaba's AI-driven control system used for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) processes. These enable the successful 3D-printing of large functional manufacturing parts while simultaneously reducing de-lamination, collapse, and distortion-related failures.

By partnering with aerospace and automotive industry experts in the U.S., Canada and Europe, Xaba's technologies are aimed at significantly improving many aspects of sectors like automotive, construction, development and more - and all sustainably.

"Xaba's novel automation, manufacturing, and advanced materials technology is very compelling, such that we believe they can have a great impact on many industries," said Roger Poirier, co-founder of Hazelview Ventures. "Consistent with our investment strategy, we are looking forward to working with Xaba to unlock the full sustainable potential of their technology."

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