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An Unlikely Conversation: PDFgear Introduces AI-Powered Feature for Users to Chat with Actual PDFs
[April 13, 2023]

An Unlikely Conversation: PDFgear Introduces AI-Powered Feature for Users to Chat with Actual PDFs

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PDFgear recently released its PDFgear Chatbot feature for the Windows version of its PDF editor, PDFgear Desktop. This artificial intelligence (AI)-powered feature allows users to interact with PDF documents as if they were human.

This is, for lack of more apt phrasing, a pseudo-revolutionary concept.

Unlike other services, PDFgear Chatbot is fully integrated with offline PDF software, thus designed to be safe from cyber risks. The feature is powered by the GPT-3.5-turbo AI model, with its developer team currently working on the GPT-4 integration.

Built into the PDF editor, this Chatbot pulls information from various imported PDF documents, summarizing them into digestible sentences. Ideally, this saves users time that they would otherwise spend flipping through hundreds (if not thousands) of pages and manually consolidating bites of key information.

The PDFgear Chatbot feature is entirely free, as PDFgear is more focused on growing its user base. (The company has stated that it may consider introducing cost-effective pricing models for high-volume usage in the future, but not at this time.)

PDFgear Chatbot offers a more comprehensive set of advanced features than other services, including progress-tracking to resume from where users left off, as well as integration with PDF-editing features. Users can also merge PDFs to chat with multiple documents, and the feature enables them to intuitively understand what any PDF is about by chatting with the PDFgear Chatbot.

Overall, PDFgear Chatbot has several advantages:

  • It doesn't store user files/data on a server, eliminating cyber risks.
  • It provides progress tracking, which is useful for students and office workers.
  • Users can get holistic answers from multiple PDF documents using the built-in PDF merger feature in PDFgear Desktop.

PDFgear Chatbot works, in short, by extracting info from entire PDF documents and automatically analyzing the contained information. Once its analyzed, users can opt to input queried text directly into its chat. (Up to 50 questions per day.)

Edited by Alex Passett

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