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Ockam Orchestrator: Empowering Trustworthy App Development at Scale
[April 10, 2023]

Ockam Orchestrator: Empowering Trustworthy App Development at Scale

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Ockam, a developer tool suite that enables businesses to build trustworthy applications with ease, announced the general availability of its enterprise offering, Ockam Orchestrator.

This suite of developer tools empowers every developer at every business with the simple tools they need to create applications that can trust data. Orchestrator's general availability means that enterprise developers can now build apps that can Trust Data-in-Motion with end-to-end data integrity and authenticity.

The current landscape requires developers to create applications that can move data across complex, variable, and hostile networks. In a world where trust, privacy, and security are more important than ever before, it is crucial that businesses ensure their apps have secure, authenticated and private connections to their data.

With the general availability of Orchestrator, developers can now leverage new features and functionality to help leverage Ockam's suite of tools and programming libraries to orchestrate end-to-end encryption, mutual authentication, key management, credential management and authorization policy enforcement, all at massive scale.

Ockam Orchestrator benefits enterprise companies and developers by building trust into application data as it flows between data centers and through the queues, caches, gateways, and brokers along the data path. It facilitates secure-by-design communication while making eavesdropping or data tampering impossible. Furthermore, it provides a fully managed cloud service, making it simple to build scalable connected systems and adopt security best practices, including securely managing identities, cryptographic keys and credentials for entities such as devices, people, assets, and services.

'It's no secret in today's landscape that trust remains at the forefront of every business leader's agenda,' said Matthew Gregory, Ockam CEO. 'Ockam Orchestrator's suite of developer tools is one of the first of its kind to allow companies to create apps that are secure-by-design and that Build Trust into the foundation of every data security posture.'

Ockam's general availability of Orchestrator empowers enterprise developers to build applications with trust, security and privacy with the ability to move data across complex, variable and hostile networks without compromising the authenticity and integrity of the data.

Edited by Greg Tavarez

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