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Opvizor Closes 2022 With Record Sales Growth, Next Generation Monitoring and Analysis Optimizes Performance of On-Premises and Cloud Technology
[March 16, 2023]

Opvizor Closes 2022 With Record Sales Growth, Next Generation Monitoring and Analysis Optimizes Performance of On-Premises and Cloud Technology

The Opvizor performance monitoring product for multi-cloud has closed 2022 with record sales due to its ability to provide comprehensive monitoring for VMware and Kubernetes environments, as well as Azure and other cloud-based applications. A 35% increase in workloads monitored by Opvizor was reported.

With Opvizor, it's possible to find performance bottlenecks quickly and easily by using the same dashboard and analytics whether the environment is VMware vSphere, AWS, or Azure. The solution provides deep insights into hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure to analyze the performance of applications and, where possible, reduce their resource requirements. Opvizor also shows how applications interact with each other to optimize them and save money on infrastructure.

In particular, Opvizor saw a significant increase in usage for graphic-intensive Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments - monitoring and correlating information tat makes it easier to manage and scale with better security.

"We are pleased with the strong growth in 2022 in both the U.S. and Europe driven by new product features targeting multi-cloud and VDI environments," said Dennis Zimmer, co-founder and chief technology officer, Codenotary. "Opvizor's performance analytics and log analytics capabilities have been praised by customers for their accuracy and reliability. With Opvizor, customers are able to monitor their entire infrastructure from a unified interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Plus, our customers like the multi-cloud capabilities of Opvizor that will carry them into the future."

"Opvizor offers tremendous flexibility and the ability to create your own dashboards with metrics and logs across different infrastructure products from different vendors. We keep a close eye on those dashboards during our workday," said Jan Unger, network and datacenter engineer, Netcloud AG. "I also quite like the amazing and quick support from the Opvizor team."

To learn more, visit With hundreds of customers that include three of the top banks in the U.S. and Europe, Opvizor is a leading solution for monitoring, analyzing, and tracking virtual and physical IT infrastructure. Whether it's VMware, Microsoft Azure, or AWS, customers get the full freedom of choice and total control over everything in their VDI, cloud, and server infrastructure. Opvizor helps make it possible to shift more time to developing, designing, and implementing solutions to challenging problems while being able to control every detail of the virtualized infrastructure with pinpoint-accuracy, real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and alerting.

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