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Quiver Financial Provides Key Services to Help the Recently Unemployed Maintain Momentum Toward Retirement
[March 16, 2023]

Quiver Financial Provides Key Services to Help the Recently Unemployed Maintain Momentum Toward Retirement

Quiver Financial offers services to help recently unemployed individuals roll over their 401(k) from their previous employers. This simple act is critical for helping retirement savers maintain momentum in building retirement income.

Currently, thousands of employees get laid off each week. They focus on filing for unemployment, finding a new job, or supplementing their income. In the process, many Americans leave their 401(k) behind with their former employers. This proves to be a costly mistake, as forgotten accounts flatline with no contributions or oversight and minimal growth.

According to a recent study by Market Watch and the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, an estimated 24 million 401(k) accounts are forgotten by their owners. These accounts hold $1.35 trillion in assets. Another 2.8 million retirement accounts ge left behind annually.

Quiver Financial provides a two-fold rollover service. First, a personal financial advisor guides the individual through the 401(k) rollover process. Then, they work with the individual to create an optimization strategy.

This helps Quiver deliver a personalized financial plan that keeps individuals on track with their retirement goals even during times of employment transition.

"Momentum is the key factor in reaching your retirement goals," says CEO Colby McFadden. "For this reason, it is crucial for anyone relying on their 401(k) as a tool in creating a comfortable retirement to maintain as much momentum as possible during a change in career. We designed the Quiver Guide to 401(k) Optimization to make optimizing your 401(k) as easy and effortless as possible."

For over 20 years, Quiver Financial has provided 401(k) optimization, retirement planning, wealth management, and private equity solutions for individuals, families, and business owners. We provide customized retirement and wealth-building strategies that go beyond Wall Street's long-term way of thinking. Our commitment to thoughtfulness, pragmatism, creativity, and simplicity helps clients achieve their desired financial freedom.

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