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Stablz Launches Cannavest pools, with 30% APR on USDT deposits!
[March 16, 2023]

Stablz Launches Cannavest pools, with 30% APR on USDT deposits!

San Francisco, CA, March 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stablz, a cutting-edge yield capturing protocol, has announced the launch of its new Cannavest pools, offering an enticing 30% APR on USDT deposits. Stablz aims to simplify yield earning by providing a safe and transparent platform for users to store their liquidity and earn as much real yield as possible.

The Cannavest pools offer an attractive 30% APR on USDT deposits, paid out weekly in USDT to receipt token holders. This corresponds to a monthly dividend of 2.5%, which is an excellent return in today's market. Users can deposit USDT and obtain receipt tokens in exchange for a portion of the weekly dividend. With customer deposits secured for a year, the platform maintains the greatest levels of safety and security.

While deposits are locked for one year, users can sell their tokens on the site over-the-counter (OTC) for bespoke pricing, allowing new users to enter. This adaptability is critical for customers who wish to abandon their positions early or capitalize on market conditions. The OTC option ensures that users can always access their funds and retain full control of their investment.

Stablz's ability to continually evolve within the dynamic landscape of blockchain and Decentralized Finance ensures that it remains at the forefront of the latest advancements while prioritizing user safety and security.The network's dedication to transparency and fund non-custody makes it an appealing alternative for consumers searching for a reliable platform to earn a meaningful return on their liquidity.

Finally, Stablz's Cannavest pools provide users with an exciting opportunity to earn a genuine income on their USDT deposits, with an appealing 30% APR paid out monthly. Because of the platform's emphasis on safety, security, and transparency, users may store their liquidity with confidence, knowing that they have complete control over their cash. Stablz is at the forefront of the newest innovations in blockchain and Decentralized Finance, providing customers with the greatest levels of safety and security as it expands its offers to stable but non-stablecoin pairings and other goods.

About Stablz:

Stablz was inspired by the ethos of decentralized finance (defi), where transparency and non-custody of funds are of utmost importance. As such, Stablz assumes as little liability as possible, ensuring that users have full autonomy of their funds. The platform earns fees from generating and locking in yield for its users, with no hidden costs or risks involved.


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