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Lucy® Launches LucyGPT, an AI-Powered Subject Matter Expert that Liberates Corporate Knowledge
[March 16, 2023]

Lucy® Launches LucyGPT, an AI-Powered Subject Matter Expert that Liberates Corporate Knowledge

Lucy®, the world's leading AI-powered Answer EngineSM, today announced its new product LucyGPT. The future-forward technology leverages generative AI to instantly respond to users' questions directly within a company's messaging platform such as Microsoft Teams or Slack. She acts as a 24/7 subject matter expert (SME), providing unique and summarized answers and surfacing the information users need to efficiently and effectively do their jobs.

"Most enterprise data is unstructured, which makes it difficult for employees to find and use. The most common way employees search for information is to ask their colleagues basic questions through Microsoft Teams or Slack. This is a huge productivity killer. Over 85% of employees state it can take hours or days to get answers, if they get them at all. The repetitive queries take SMEs away from more valuable projects. LucyGPT is deployed within a company's business messaging application of choice. She finds the information employees are looking for in seconds and brings precise answers to users when and where they need them most," said Scott Litman, Founder and COO of Lucy.

ucyGPT uses generative AI to read and synthesize the millions of data points that she finds across an organization's knowledge ecosystem and provides a unique two to three sentence summary response that directly and accurately answers users' specific questions. Users can ask Lucy a question in a private chat or mention Lucy in a group chat and get an immediate answer, which equips users with the exact information they need in the moment to do their jobs and make better decisions faster.

Most generative AI products on the market today focus on the data within their own platform. LucyGPT connects to sources across a company's entire data ecosystem, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Box, Confluence, Dropbox, Egnyte, GitHub, emarketer from Insider Intelligence, IDC, FTP, GlobalData, Google Drive, Jira, Kantar, Mintel, and many more. She absorbs information from these sources and bases her response summary on the best answers she finds within the company's ecosystem. Every summary LucyGPT gives includes direct links to the sources she based her answer on so users can easily validate the answer.

"Interest in generative AI is booming. Innovation teams at large enterprises are increasingly asked about the technology and where they can strategically apply it within the business to drive value. LucyGPT enables companies to experiment with generative and practical AI and boost productivity, efficiency and performance across the organization at the same time," added Litman.

Lucy has worked closely with OpenAI since 2021 to transform the next generation of knowledge management and solve real-world challenges with generative AI. Learn more about Lucy and the future of work.

About Lucy

Lucy® serves as the ultimate AI-powered Answer EngineSM. She was created in 2015 to solve one of the most urgent and overlooked problems that exists in every organization: the daily scavenger hunt for information. Lucy liberates corporate knowledge of companies by getting the right answer, at the right time, no matter where it sits in the organization. Lucy frees capacity, breaks down knowledge siloes and makes every team and individual more efficient and productive. Forward-thinkers such as PepsiCo, Haleon (formerly GSK) and Saatchi & Saatchi leverage Lucy to drive value across the enterprise. For more information, visit

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