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Habu Releases New Capabilities for Its Industry-Leading Data Collaboration Platform
[March 16, 2023]

Habu Releases New Capabilities for Its Industry-Leading Data Collaboration Platform

Habu, the leading provider of enterprise data collaboration and data clean room solutions, today announced the latest release of its platform. Key enhancements include advancements in automation and scalability; increased integrations across data sets, clouds, walled gardens, publishers and partners; and tools for both product and data teams, enabling companies to leverage first party data to accelerate revenue growth.

Habu's explosive growth is attributed to its software being the only true interoperable clean room solution that works across any cloud, platform or other clean room. To support the rapid growth, the company has made investments in personnel across the US and Europe, expanded its global footprint by 50% across engineering, sales, product, customer success and marketing functions, with plans to further accelerate hiring efforts this year. Habu also announced partnerships with industry leaders including Databricks, Google Pair, and Snowflake, and became an Amazon Ads verified and certified Amazon Marketing Cloud Partner.

According to the Head of Ad Platforms at Roku, Youssef Ben-Youseff, "Data clean rooms come in very handy to help us roaden the ways we use data beyond just a one-to-one kind of transaction. It helps us get rid of all of the issues around privacy and sending data to an entity that potentially we may not trust...Having the data outside of our ecosystem already [is a heavy] burden from a privacy perspective and legal perspective. So the data clean room comes in and allows us ... to focus on data provision, to do measurement [and the] things that we want to do with our advertisers, agencies and publisher partners."

Habu's new platform release includes:

New Integrations Across Clouds and Industry Data Management Platforms

  • Integration with Facebook Simplified the integration to add Habu to your Facebook Ads/Advanced Analytics account.
  • Enhanced integration with TikTok and Twitter decreases errors, rate limit disruptions and other aspects of hardening to remove the need for ongoing manual support.
  • Enhanced Snowflake Integration to reduce the complexity of provisioning Habu to Snowflake accounts in any region or cloud.

Enhanced Tools Sets for Product and Data Teams

  • Question Builder now supports a more sophisticated editor, more coverage of type-ahead, and greater validation, making it easier to author new clean room use cases and templates.
  • Habu Intelligence: Report & Dashboard Templating Habu clean rooms offer embedded B.I. where end users can interact with reports and dashboards powered by analytics derived in the clean room. Clean room owners can now templatize these B.I. environments as packaged products and experiences.
  • Extended Public APIs, create new APIs automatically when new analytical use cases are added to a clean room, providing complete flexibility and automation.
  • Activation from List Questions allows activations to be done directly from List Questions within a clean room for standard clean rooms.

Improved Automation, Scale and Support

  • Integrated Help and Support offers a Question Management Wizard which drastically simplifies the process of provisioning analytical templates into organizations and clean rooms.
  • CSV Upload allows users to connect data in CSV and Parquet files directly via file upload for rapid testing and/or bespoke analytical runs.
  • Question/Run Scheduling enables analytics produced in clean rooms to be automated on any flexible schedule, allowing for the automation of CleanBI, CleanML, and/or CleanCompute analytical workflows.
  • Post-Run Processing allows for further filtering and/or transformations of analytical output without needing to rerun the initial workload.

"Our goal is to empower organizations across the ecosystem to execute data collaboration at scale, without the need for ongoing technical resources or the need to move the data," said Matt Kilmartin, Habu Co-Founder and CEO. "We have grown rapidly and have had the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative companies across industries as a direct result of our commitment to product innovation and unrivaled service and support."

Habu is the industry's first Data Collaboration software company designed to make data collaboration safe and easy, delivering a secure environment where rich data can be analyzed and processed without the risk of breaches or unauthorized access by fully embracing the multiple requirements of flexible, multi-cloud infrastructure and automated intelligence. It provides both business users and data scientists with a flexible framework to develop proprietary privacy safe workflows and solutions for profile enrichment, journey analysis, advanced targeting measurement, modeling, activation, distributed machine learning and more.

For more information on Habu's latest software updates, please visit:

About Habu
Habu is a global leader in data clean room software, enabling companies to benefit from the value of data without the risk. Habu connects data internally and externally with other departments, partners, customers, and providers in privacy safe and compliant ways for better collaboration, decision making and results. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. and Boston, MA. For more information on Habu Data Collaboration solutions visit

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