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Easy Buy -- Taiwan Web 3.0 Emerging E-Commerce Gets Revitalized and Strikes Back
[March 09, 2023]

Easy Buy -- Taiwan Web 3.0 Emerging E-Commerce Gets Revitalized and Strikes Back

SINGAPORE, March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The fast-growing e-commerce industry connects multiple chains such as supply chains, storage chains and retail chains, allowing manufacturers, suppliers, logistics, operation and maintenance channels, and upstream and downstream industries to enjoy the dividends brought by online shopping.

In recent years, despite its dramatic development, e-commerce has been weakening to some extent due to the intensified competition in the market and gradually saturated user demand for e-commerce. This also means that e-commerce companies need to pay more attention to improving goods and service quality to facilitate development in the fierce market competition. Meanwhile, they also need to innovate and develop new business models and goods to meet users' needs.

Nowadays, users urgently need a new Web 3.0 e-commerce platform with guaranteed goods quality, low entry barriers, reliable privacy protection, genuine goods evaluation, fast logistics services, and tangible consumption discounts.

New e-commerce with blockchain technology strikes back in the Web 3.0 era

Web 3.0, based on blockchain and decentralized Internet architecture, not only brings technological innovation, but also creates a new ecosystem. Easy Buy-Web 3.0 ecosystem is committed to building an open and shared social center that serves as a digital economy platform with a full ecological layout of the e-commerce and film and television industries. The platform firmly believes that the key to the correct development path of Web 3.0 is sharing and creating an ecosystem with users and achieving common development.

Compared with the existing Web 2.0 e-commerce industry, what are the advantages of the Easy Buy-Web 3.0 e-commerce platform? How can the Easy Buy platform meet more needs of users? Its advantages are listed as follows:

1. Long-term discounts for users when shopping in Easy Buy

In the Web 2.0 e-commerce industry, platforms sometimes hold activities similar to "free shipping and subsidized shipping" when they start business in new regions. Users get certain discounts within a short time, but this kind of activity is usually held for a short time. Once the platform achieves the purpose of attracting users, the activity will be canceled, while users can enjoy long-term discounts in Easy Buy. Besides, each order can bring users mining rewards, truly allowing them to purchase economical and practical goods.

2. Rewards for users when shopping in Easy Buy

Discount coupons and promotional activities are common marketing methods in the Web 2.0 e-commerce industry, but as the KPI requirements of some platforms increase, users will fall into the "promotion trap" when participating in complicated promotional activities in which the goods are difficult to return and exchange. Apart from long-term discounts, users can get mining rewards from each order. By sharing profits with users, the platform wants to build and share a new kind of consumerism with users together.

3.  Easy Buy offers a stunning array of goods for users to puchase

As many vertical e-commerce platforms with only one single goods supply chain begin to emerge, the competition in the Web 2.0 e-commerce industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Users get bored with the tedious operations and have to download more mobile applications. In Easy Buy, however, excellent goods from all over the world are presented to every user, such as books, film and television, digital electronics, computers, home and garden supplies, toys, baby products, food, clothing, footwear, jewelry, health and personal care products, sports and outdoor products, toys, automotive, industrial products and so on, demonstrating the service concept of "better meet users' pursuit of a better life".

Easy Buy will develop into a value-connected life service token integrating online shopping and consumption services, Web 3.0 infrastructure and user community, create an ecosystem feathering sustainable development, and distribute benefits according to value contribution. These moves help to realize the development model of serving the public, benefiting society, and bringing win-win results.

Easy Buy gets revitalized -- a newly upgraded APP version 2.0 offers users the ultimate service experience

Easy Buy has long been committed to providing users with a better Web 3.0 service experience, and to this end, its technical team has been continuously optimizing and improving the platform. Recently, Easy Buy-APP has been fully upgraded to version 2.0, combining positive feedback from users and optimized operation in some sections since the APP was launched two months ago. In addition, Web 3.0 and blockchain technology has been applied to bring users the ultimate service experience.

Highlights and features of Easy Buy-APP 2.0 version:

1. Overall APP design optimization, more in line with the concept of Web 3.0

Easy Buy's top technical team, by absorbing many advanced design elements from around the world and combining the concept of Web 3.0, strives to achieve in this 2.0 version: smooth and convenient UI interaction, simple and beautiful interface display, and ultimate user experience.

2. New "flash sale" function in the mall section

The "flash sale" function will further expand the concept of "sharing global goods" in Easy Buy, and high-quality hot-selling goods will be sold for a limited time at a certain discount, which will further establish a positive brand effect of Easy Buy in the hearts of users, so that users can purchase economical and practical goods.

3. Comprehensively optimized visual effects in the film and television section

In this 2.0 version, the film and television section will further enhance the visual positioning effect, and key elements in booking tickets, including ticket revenue distribution, mining rewards, ticket price, ticket effective time, booking fee and time for snapping up, which will be arranged in categories, which will greatly improve users' operation mode and reading comfort.

4. Systemic optimization of the basic technical framework

The clustered memory matching system independently developed by Easy Buy improves order efficiency and large-capacity distributed system design, supports smooth system expansion, and features high fault tolerance and multi-site disaster recovery, ensuring stability and reliability. The upgraded version 2.0 will simplify the operation for users to snap up tickets after successful booking and further increase the success rate of automatic matching of the system. At the same time, the system will match fast and efficient servers, handling millions of orders per second without delay, the speed of which is much higher than the industry level. Moreover, the payment and settlement of digital assets can be completed within one second unencumbered by time and space.

As a key part of the Web 3.0 infrastructure ecosystem, Easy Buy-APP is an open sesame to the Web 3.0 era. As important as the Web 2.0 Internet browser, Easy Buy-APP is an indispensable application that helps users better navigate the online world and the future.

Easy Buy energizes the Web 3.0 era in an all-round manner

From the perspective of users, Easy Buy explores the biggest difference between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0, and remains committed to providing decentralized, secure, autonomous, open, transparent and privacy protection services. Within the platform, users can directly control their digital assets without centralized custody. At the same time, the platform also renders a more secure environment to protect users' privacy and assets, laying a solid foundation for Easy Buy to become a widely-used application in the Web 3.0 era.

Since its official launch in Taiwan on January 1, 2023, East Buy-APP has been gaining in popularity among many Taiwanese users. At present, Easy Buy has more than 100,000 registered users and 300,000 orders! Appreciate the recognition of many Taiwanese users, Easy Buy will provide more perfect services and experience in the future!

The Easy Buy digital economy platform will become a bridge connecting the Web 3.0 era and the real business world, and lay the foundation for its all-around digital asset financial development in the future. At the technical level, in the Easy Buy system, the underlying technology is applied in an innovative way to realize the peer-to-peer value transfer through smart contracts, and accordingly, build a decentralized payment application platform supporting multiple industries (finance, Internet of Things, e-commerce, logistics, film industry, supply chain, social games, etc.).

Company: Easy Buy E-commerce PTE.LTD.
Contact Person: TAN YONG TAT
Email: [email protected] 
City: Singapore
Address: 60 Paya Lebar Road, #12 03 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore


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