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AT32 MCU Ecosystem Enhances Innovative Development Efficiency
[February 24, 2023]

AT32 MCU Ecosystem Enhances Innovative Development Efficiency

HSINCHU, Feb. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Based on 32-bit Arm® Cortex® core, ARTERY has developed a set of complete AT32 MCU development ecosystem to provide easy-to-use hardware and software to improve development experience and performance, lower barrier to entry, and reduce repeated work to enhance efficiency. Designed with user-friendly operation interfaces and excellent performance of compilers, this full-featured toolchain provides comprehensive support in system development, programming and firmware upgrade to meet requirements of diversified applications.

AT32 MCU Production Trilogy

In the MCU development and production stage, GUI tools are imported to help engineers to quickly adjust and test relevant configurations to speed up the development process, and the AT32 Tooling System is used to assist customer to shorten the time to market and improve development efficiency. For example, AT32 New Clock Configuration, a dedicated graphical configuration tool for AT32 MCU clocks, is used to make the clock path and clock frequency configurations clearer to users. In addition, users can input CAN bus or I2C parameters in the UI of CAN BitRate and I2C Timing Configuration tool to quickly obtan the corresponding results and generate standard codes of relevant configurations. It is more intuitive for users to compile codes through the visual graphical dialog box, saving the time to generate application codes.

AT32 IDE is an integrated development environment for cross-platform ARM embedded system. It contains a series of Eclipse plug-ins and tools, which allows users to create, build and debug AT32 MCU in AT32 IDE. AT32 IDE is compatible with Windows® and Linux® and provides setup programs that can be run directly, including JRE operating environment, ARM toolchain and GCC Make, to help developers organize resources and set up software, making development more efficient and easier.

In the mass production stage, GUI applications such as ICP Programmer and ISP Programmer are provided to help user use AT32 MCUs easily. For example, ICP Programmer is used together with AT-Link or J-link developed by ARTERY to program AT32 MCUs, both Flash memory and SPIM/QSPI Flash, and Option Byte (load from file or device); it also supports auto detection of SWD speed through AT-Link. The ISP Programmer is used to program AT32 MCUs via UART or USB and make it easier the memory read, write and validation.

There are four kinds of tools available for debugging and programming (also called AT-Link Family). They are AT-Link-Pro, AT-Link+, AT-Link-ISO+ and AT-Link-EZ. With various functions, the AT-Link Family, being small, portable, easy to operate, and stable, is particularly useful for AT32 MCU debugging and online/offline programming. For example, the AT-Link-Pro supports LCD display and touch operation for IDE online debugging, online/offline programming, output voltage regulating, offline parameter settings and USB-to-serial interface. The AT-Link+ supports online/offline programming, and it is designed with SPI and peripheral interfaces (I2C/CAN) and multifunctional interface to support programming of AT32WB415 series MCUs. The AT-Link-ISO+ has enhanced isolation protection (ISOLATED) over AT-Link+ and supports programming of AT32WB415 series MCUs, and the AT-Link-EZ supports online programming.

In the AT32 MCU firmware upgrade stage, the ISP Application and IAP Application can be used to upgrade AT32 MCU through the corresponding transfer interface, adjust compilers flexibly and optimize performance to help users to expand more diversified applications.

In the upcoming years, ARTERY will continue developing high-performance, stable and low-power MCUs, providing customers with scalable memories, rich peripherals, technical support, online manuals, training courses and after-sale service to bring better user experience and high-quality products, as well as exploring and promoting competitive MCU products and innovation applications.


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