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Introducing, the world's most secure, simple, and smart video conferencing platform, with note-taking enabled by OpenAI's ChatGPT
[February 09, 2023]

Introducing, the world's most secure, simple, and smart video conferencing platform, with note-taking enabled by OpenAI's ChatGPT

MemoriaCall's all-in-one functionality changes the game for online meetings by enhancing meeting productivity

MIAMI, Feb. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In a world of Zoombombing, Teams Trolls and Skype snafus, is changing the game. The new online meetings platform offers secure and private video conferencing that captures notes, allows seamless file sharing, archives all your meetings, and enables you to keyword search them – all without sharing your phone number. provides a summary of every call enabled by Open AI's ChatGPT.'s all-in-one, smart functionality enables users to ditch note-taking by providing an on-demand, filterable transcript and a ChatGPT-enabled meeting summary that can be shared to inform others of what transpired during the meeting.

"Our AI-driven innovation and summary tools set our application miles ahead of the pack," said Dave Plumer, a former IBM executive who is on the MemoriaCall team. "This platform is a game changer for meeting productivity."

Entrepreneur/Innovator Homayoun Talieh created the platform to solve issues he encountered with videoconferencing platforms starting in late 2018.

"At the time, there were a handful of video conferencing apps, including Skype, BlueJeans, Webex and some others," he said. "I was helping an overseas company to start U.S. operations, and was on multiple Skype calls, all hours of the day."

Talieh found it impossible to focus on importat videoconferenced conversations as he quickly scribbled down notes, often asking the person to repeat themselves because it was hard to keep up. When the meetings ended, Talieh spent hours digitizing, saving and filing notes, and grouping those respective files with additional documents shared via email after each meeting.

After months of this, Talieh decided to come up with a solution.

"Initially, we started to work on meeting details management and automated note taking, but we ended up building the full stack communication platform to house these smarts," he said. "The goal was to make it secure, but keep it simple. We wanted to have the list of  collaborative features that were necessary to maximize meeting efficiency, and we wanted to archive every meeting detail for future referencing."

Talieh filed for a patent, brought a team together and started to build. The patent was granted in April 2022. While companies like Microsoft and Zoom evolved, following similar paths, they partnered with other apps or companies in order to complement their videoconferencing core features. This is where MemoriaCall stands apart.

"We designed and built it from scratch as an all-in-one feature set that is secure, simple and smart, with a minimalist mindset," Talieh said. "We are determined to enable our users to have productive, collaborative meetings with essential features that work seamlessly whether the user is at their desk or out walking their dogs."

A Next Generation Solution

MemoriaCall's security starts with the fact that it doesn't require your phone number, but is activated through email. Each email invite is unique and encrypted, so if a link is shared, it immediately registers that there are two of the same person on the call. Every user is authenticated through email in real time.

Note taking, file sharing and saving are all done in-app, and the SpeedCall™ feature starts an instant meeting with one – or 100 – invitees. Users can place one-click audio calls to email contacts across all devices – and turn them to full-feature video conferences with one tap. Meetings can be joined with Chrome, FireFox and Edge, with no need to download any app (unless you prefer to join the call from mobile.)

Every meeting is recorded, archived, and keyword searchable with AudioTranscripts™ playback. You can quickly search any meeting transcript so you can hear exactly what was said. A simple search for a phrase delivers all of the recording excerpts where the phrase occurs. AudioTranscripts™ are 100% on demand; the host has control over the on/off mode.

Now you have the ability to search meeting history, review/share/store files and notes, chat, and video conference with internal and external teams effortlessly – all on a single platform.

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