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Aetheros Open Computing and Communication Cards for Smart Meters Now Available in North America
[February 06, 2023]

Aetheros Open Computing and Communication Cards for Smart Meters Now Available in North America

SAUSALITO, Calif., Feb. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Aetheros, a leader in massive machine-type computing and communications, today announced that its open computing and communications cards for smart meters are now available in North America. The Aetheros Edge Server Router for Meters (AOS ESR-M) and the LTE Network Interface Card (AOS LTE NIC) are the first of their kind, providing a secure, Linux-based, open computing and communications platform for smart meters. The cards are available in North America for the AT&T and Verizon 5G networks.

“Today’s smart energy requirements are markedly different than those which ushered in the first-round deployments of smart meters that started in 2005,” said Ray Bell, Founder and CEO of Aetheros and Silicon Valley veteran. “The way we generate, manage, trade, and use electricity is changing rapidly, particularly given the latest advances in renewable energy and the electrification of the automobile industry. Customers, regulators, and utilities alike have asked for the freedom of choice and have responded with our Aether Operating System and Open Computing & Communications Cards for smart meters.”

Unlike IPV6 Mesh communications cards, which require a network buildout, the AOS ESR-M and LTE NIC cards can be deployed at anytime and anywhere on public or private 5G networks. This flexibility and extensibility enables the next generation smart utility to naturally evolve its distribution network infrastructure rather than being driven by monolithic vendor solutios. Both cards come with the Aether Operating System (AOS), a distributed operating system based on Linux, designed specifically for secure embedded edge computing and the internetworking of Things. Leveraging both the and OMA SpecWorks specifications, AOS provides IoT application developers an open and extensible, oneM2M IoT Service Layer and integrated Security framework that allow for the rapid development and deployment of secure embedded edge IoT applications, such as AMI Smart Metering, Distributed Energy Resource Management, Virtual Power Plants, and more.

The AOS ESR-M has multiple radios that support licensed and unlicensed wireless communications, making it a versatile IP router in utility field area and premise area wireless networks. With its GPS radio, the AOS ESR-M can serve as an accurate network time and geolocation source to other IoT devices and applications. Its IEEE 802.15.4 compliant radio allows it to be a Wi-SUN Border Router, Router Node, or End Node in an IPv6 Mesh field area network. Its WiFi radio provides authenticated secure point-to-point communications with utility field area network equipment and site tools. In addition, hosted IoT edge applications can offer behind-the-meter advanced metering services for Customer EVs, renewable energy systems, and smart appliances. The AOS LTE NIC is a single radio open computing and communications card designed for the most cost-effective AMI smart metering deployments.

“There has been a big focus on the meter offering more to consumers who are participating in the two-sided energy market,” said Adrian Clark, Founder and CEO of CrescoNet Ltd. “New household solar installations are driving the lion’s share of our new meter connections, with smart meter edge computing enabling our dynamic control and other demand response service offerings. The AOS ESR-M provides us with the ability to rapidly innovate and deliver new competitive energy products and services, at a cost-effective price.”

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Aetheros Inc. specializes in massive machine-type computing and communications. Our hardware and software products are deployed in mission critical, large-scale, AMI smart meter networks for over a decade, meeting daily reporting metrics of 99% and delivering over 250M+ meter reads daily. Our products are deployed in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and the United States on Telstra, Spark, Verizon, and AT&T LTE networks. Aetherosmex S de RL de CV, our wholly owned Mexican subsidiary, offers Managed IoT device, application, and communications network services throughout Mexico. Aetheros products are marketed and sold through our website portal and by our ecosystem partners.

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