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ATP launches new features to Flightdocs Operations platform
[January 19, 2023]

ATP launches new features to Flightdocs Operations platform

ATP, the leading provider of information services and software solutions for the aviation industry, is launching a new suite of features to its aviation software platform Flightdocs Operations as part of the new product showcase during the NBAA's Schedulers and Dispatcher Conference January 24 - 26, 2023, in Nashville, Tenn.

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Desktop and mobile view of Flightdocs Operations. (Photo: Business Wire)

Desktop and mobile view of Flightdocs Operations. (Photo: Business Wire)

The refreshed product has enhanced communication features to streamline data flow and keep flight scheduling and trip planning movig effortlessly.

"The unique aspect about this groundbreaking tool is that it's one of the first and only cloud-based web applications on the market for flight operations and scheduling that is fully integrated with a maintenance tracking platform," said Mike Profit, ATP's chief operating officer. "With this product, we are breaking down silos between maintenance and flight operations departments to eliminate any miscommunication between the two and improving operating efficiency in order to maximize aircraft uptime."

Flightdocs Operations provides schedulers and dispatchers with flight operations management software using real-time data and resource availability. It can create trips, manage crew and communicate with team members in a single, up-to-date calendar view.

"The flight operations team can see when the aircraft is going to be down for maintenance and how long it's going to be down, and the maintenance side of the house can see the full flight schedule and be able to predict when to best fit maintenance into the flight schedule," said Kent Pickard, ATP's vice president of product. "It allows the operators to fly their aircraft safely and with more confidence up to the maintenance department limits because of the tight loop of information."

ATP is the only company offering a fully cloud-based and ISO-certified platform with more robust data and software controls, meaning more privacy and protection of passengers' personally identifying information.

"The aviation industry as a whole is very safety conscious and focused on reliability, and they should have the best technology they can that is up-to-date, cloud-based and resilient," said Profit. "In light of recent events, it drives the point home that saving a dollar today doesn't really make sense when it comes to the technology used to coordinate flight operations and track safety and compliance."

The fully native mobile solution (iOS app) is also offline capable, meaning end users like pilots and crews that are on the road frequently are able to log in and fill out electronic flight logs in places where internet connections are not available.

"We want to maximize flight time and this product makes the flight department safer and more efficient, which results in more uptime," said Profit.

The Flightdocs Operations program will be on display at Booth 227 at the conference.

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