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New Age Alpha Launches SPACE
[January 19, 2023]

New Age Alpha Launches SPACE

New Age Alpha announces the launch of its new direct and custom indexing platform, SPACE (Systematic Personal Asset Customization Engine). SPACE is designed to allow the user to build and trade customized alpha or beta index strategies and generate client reports all in one place to streamline the client investing process.

SPACE comes with the known benefits of other direct indexing platforms. In addition to tax optimization, transparency, and ESG screening, it includes additional features unique to New Age Alpha. Users have the ability to build an alpha index strategy by customizing the underlying holdings of an ETF and utilizing factor screens across growth, value, and New Age Alpha's proprietary "Expectation Risk Factor."

"SPACE is a firm-wide solution that brings together the responsibilities of client-facing advisors, portfolio managers and researchers all in one place. And the firm's investment views can be expressed using the SPACE platform" said Armen Arus, co-founder and CEO of New Age Alpha.

"Leveraging our over 90 years of combined experience building indexes, we have developed a powerful platform to enhance advisors and portfolio managers investment process" said Julian Koski, co-founder and CIO at New Age Alpha. "Clients today demand more transparency and customization with lower fees. SPACE anticipates and speaks to these demands, and we are very excited for the launch."

SPACE offers three primary applications:

Direct Indexing: The ability to invest directly in the underlying components of well-known indexes and ETFs through an SMA, allowing maximum tax optimization.
Custom Indexing: The ability to build custom, thoughtfully aligned alpha or beta indexes through personalization across various filters, screens, and factors to meet your client's specific needs.
Prebuilt Strategies: The ability to invest using any of the over 120 indexes using New Age Alpha's proprietary Expectation Risk Factor methodology.

For more information, please visit New Age Alpha's websites:
New Age Alpha main website:
SPACE website:

About New Age Alpha

New Age Alpha is an asset-management company providing the global investment community with equity and fixed income advisory and subadvisory services. Investment advisory services are provided through New Age Alpha Advisors, LLC a wholly owned subsidiary that is registered as an investment advisor with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training.

New Age Alpha also operates hedge funds, licenses indexes to insurance companies for various investment products and, in 2022, New Age Alpha launched its direct and custom indexing platform.

Founded in 2018 and led by co-founders Julian Koski and Armen Arus, the team at New Age Alpha has over ninety years of combined experience building customized indexes and has provided indexes to some of the largest financial institutions. New Age Alpha is headquartered in Rye, NY.

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