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CeCe Migraine Management App Syncs With CEFALY Connected Device to Provide Personalized Migraine Insights
[January 18, 2023]

CeCe Migraine Management App Syncs With CEFALY Connected Device to Provide Personalized Migraine Insights

DARIEN, Conn., Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The award-winning CeCe Migraine Management app now offers users an unprecedented level of insight into their migraine treatments with the CEFALY Connected device.

The latest version of the CeCe app pairs with the Bluetooth-enabled CEFALY Connected so users can track CEFALY treatments and log migraine attacks on their mobile device. These insights enable them to understand their unique migraine patterns and optimize their treatments.

CEFALY is a wearable, external trigeminal nerve stimulation (eTNS) device that relieves migraine pain and prevents attacks by stimulating and desensitizing the trigeminal nerve. When a user pairs their CEFALY Connected device with the CeCe app, they can:

  • Monitor their CEFALY sessions in real time so they can adjust the intensity for optimal results
  • See session time remaining and battery life at a glance
  • Log CEFALY sessions and migraine attacks to track treatment effectiveness over time
  • Download a PDF report with their unique migraine patterns and treatment data to share with healthcare providers.

The free CeCe app, first introduced in 2021, can also be used on its own to log migraine attacks, triggers, symptoms, and treatments. CeCe received the 2021 Distinction Award for Best Native Mobile App in the eHealthcare Leadership Awards.

"We designed CeCe to serve everyone in the migraine community, whether or not they use CEFALY," said Jen Trainor McDermott, CEO of CEFALY Technology. "When used in conjunction with the CEFALY Connected, however, the CeCe app gives users the ability to truly understand their migraine treatment journey. Being able to monitor and track CEFALY sessions in real time helps people comit to their treatment routine and see the progress they're making."

At least 39 million Americans live with migraine, which is a complex, debilitating and often misunderstood neurological disorder. CEFALY, which was first introduced in 2008, is the only FDA-cleared migraine treatment device used for the treatment and prevention of migraine that is available without a prescription. CEFALY is safe, well-tolerated, and clinically proven.

About the CEFALY device:

CEFALY Technology is the maker of CEFALY, an FDA-cleared, over-the-counter wearable medical device clinically proven to help reduce migraine frequency and relieve migraine pain. CEFALY is a non-invasive device placed on the forehead to modify pain sensation in the area research identifies as a center for migraine pain, the trigeminal nerve. The device offers two distinct treatment options — a 60-minute ACUTE setting that serves as an abortive treatment for pain relief at the onset of a migraine, which is clinically proven to stop or reduce migraine pain during an attack; and a 20-minute PREVENT setting for daily use to help prevent future episodes.

About CEFALY Technology:

CEFALY Technology is a Belgium-based company with U.S. offices based in Darien, Conn., specializing in electronics for medical applications. CEFALY Technology's mission is to provide innovative, ever-evolving technology that enables people with migraine to take control of their treatment and live happier, healthier lives.

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