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LibreQoE Releases Version 1.3 of their ISP Quality of Experience Framework
[December 07, 2022]

LibreQoE Releases Version 1.3 of their ISP Quality of Experience Framework

Low Latency QoE on Inexpensive Hardware with Minimal Management Effort

EL PASO, Texas, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The 1.3 release of LibreQoS enables quality-of-experience (QoE) monitoring and traffic shaping for Internet Service Providers. Multiple real-world deployments are maximizing the quality of service for ISPs with tens-of-thousands of customers, and with traffic exceeding 20 gigabits per second – on affordable x86 hardware.

Robert Chacón, Chief Executive Officer at LibreQoE, explains why he created LibreQoS: "It started during COVID. I wanted to make sure voice and video calls always 'just worked'. My ISP needed to provide excellent connections for my customer's employment and education. And we succeeded. Videoconferencing, Voice over IP, and gaming now always work great, even during big downloads or uploads. Best of all, since we've now released it as Open Source, any ISP can use LibreQoS, and make a better Internet for all your customers, almost overnight."

Dave Täht, co-founder of the Bufferbloat Project, commented: "The FQ-Codel (RFC8290) and the newer CAKE packet scheduling/AQM algorithms are nearly universal on servers and clients. They give the "little guy" – the small packets, the first packets in a new connection to anywhere – a boost until the flow acieves parity with other flows from other sources. DNS, gaming traffic, VoIP, videoconferencing, any new flow, to anywhere, get a small boost. That's it. After that, all network traffic gets treated equally. Big flows – from Netflix, Google, Comcast, your Mom, or to Timbuktu – all achieve parity, with minimal delay and buffering, at the worldwide variety of real round trip times."

But until recently, the CAKE algorithm, used in high-quality home routers, was too CPU-intensive for an ISP to apply generally. "I'm pleased, no, thrilled, to see how well we've got CAKE to scale to enormous numbers of subscribers and provide unheard of consistently low latency for all forms of internet access," said Herbert Wolverson, Chief Product Officer at LibreQoE. "We're getting the best results anyone has ever seen. Our hat is off to the creators of CAKE and the new Linux XDP and eBPF subsystems. We hope to contribute back!"

Hayden Simon – of Uber, an ISP in New Zealand – writes of their beta test: "All our tech support calls about "speed" just vanished. Panic ensued. Were our phones broken? Were our customers' phones broken? Was their Internet broken? Thankfully no – LibreQoS v1.3 was working amazingly; it's just that good. Based on the metrics we got back from it, on other problem points in our network, we're now also deploying CAKE and FQ_Codel to our CPE as rapidly as possible, also."

For more information, the LibreQoS team can be reached at or at

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