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Admiral Mike Rogers Joins Quantum Xchange's Board of Directors
[December 07, 2022]

Admiral Mike Rogers Joins Quantum Xchange's Board of Directors

Quantum Xchange today announced Retired Admiral Michael S. Rogers has joined the company's board of directors. Rogers will advise the company on its go-to-market strategy and the continued innovation and adoption of Phio TX, the groundbreaking enterprise cryptography management platform and key delivery system used by commercial enterprises, government agencies, and their partners.

Quantum Xchange has brought together foremost experts in cyber, national, and data security to help eliminate cryptography's single points of failure and lead the company, the industry, and the world into the quantum era securely. Rogers joins existing board members including John N. Stewart former Senior Vice President and Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cisco Systems; Brian McGovern of AlpX; Rick Golden retired Senior Executive at Accenture turned private investor; Quantum Xchange CEO Eddy Zervigon; and Founding CEO Hal Chapel.

Mike Rogers is a retired United States Navy admiral that served as the second commander of the United States Cyber Command. He also served as the director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Chief of Central Security Service (CSS). As a key cybersecurity leader under President Obama and President Trump, Rogers has an unparalleled track record working closely with the United States governent, Department of Defense, and intelligence community, and assisting in the development of national and international policy related to cybersecurity, intelligence, and technology.

Admiral Rogers's background will serve Quantum Xchange well as the government has proven to be early adopters of quantum-safe technologies, recognizing the immediate threat of "harvest now, decrypt later" attacks and the monumental task ahead in securing the nation's data and communications networks from future threats including quantum attack. Recent government mandates including NSM-8 and NSM-10 show the federal government is taking the quantum threat seriously, putting an emphasis on quantum-resistant cryptography for federal cybersecurity planning. Visit the Quantum Xchange Government Resource Center for more information.

"As global organizations begin to prepare for the largest cryptographic transition in the history of computing - replacing legacy encryption with quantum-resistant algorithms - they are seeking solutions that are standards-based, crypto-agile, and work with their existing network infrastructure," said Mike Rogers. "Quantum Xchange is meeting this need with its future-forward management platform that enables organizations to execute an enterprise crypto policy that evolves in lock step with the shifting threat landscape, advances in computing, and everyday cybersecurity risks. I look forward to working closely with the Quantum Xchange team to execute on its vision of delivering the future of encryption."

Phio TX by Quantum Xchange is a patented technology that works in tandem with conventional encryption systems and any TCP/IP connection (wireless, copper, satellite, fiber) to send a second symmetric key, out-of-band, down a separate quantum-protected tunnel and mesh network to multiple transmission points. It enables customers to easily upgrade their existing infrastructure and SD-WAN deployments to quantum safety. Users choose where and when to use traditional PKI, PQCs, QRNG or QKD with no bump in the wire, no latency, and no new hardware on the critical path. Phio TX supports all PQC algorithms being evaluated by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is FIPS 140-2 validated and 140-3 pending, and meets the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) protocol for Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).

Watch the latest episode of Crypto Convos, hosted by Vince Berk, Chief Strategy Officer at Quantum Xchange, and special guest Admiral Mike Rogers as they discuss lessons from Heartbleed, espionage in the quantum era, and practical steps organizations can take now to diversify away risks in cryptography and #BeQuantumSafe.

About Quantum Xchange
Quantum Xchange gives commercial enterprises and government agencies the ultimate solution for protecting data today and in the quantum future. Its award-winning, crypto-diverse management platform, Phio Trusted Xchange (TX), removes the single points of failure common with modern-day encryption practices and leverages the essential characteristics of next-generation cryptographic security: out-of-band key delivery, quantum entropy, software stack redundancy, key mixing, and a diversified collection of current and post-quantum algorithms. Customers can easily practice crypto agility with no bumps in the wire, no latency, no new hardware on the critical path. To learn more about future-proofing your data from whatever threat awaits, watch the explainer video here and visit for the latest company news and events.

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