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Databook Launches CRM Application with Salesforce
[December 06, 2022]

Databook Launches CRM Application with Salesforce

Databook, a revenue technology company, today announced a new application that embeds Databook's strategic enablement capabilities within Salesforce Sales Cloud. The integration empowers sales teams to quickly and easily translate financial data and business insights into winning sales strategy and execution - directly within the tools and workflows they live in every day.

Now, with Databook and Sales Cloud, sales reps have instant access to personalized, real-world insights and recommendations into which companies are likely to buy; who to connect with and when; and how to move the needle with executive buyers. These insights are immediately actionable through one-click dynamic downloads that automatically generate the strategic content required to create and win large enterprise deals in today's competitive sales environment.

"Now, more than ever, sales reps need to hone strategic acumen to drive executive relationships and effective sales execution," said Anand Shah, CEO of Databook. "Databook's new CRM application combines essential external context about a company's business objectives, financials, and budget cycles with the internal account and opportunity information within Sales Cloud to create a new level of intelligence and customer understanding. Now any rep can have an executive-level conversation aimed directly at the business problem they solve in order to repeatedly grow and close deals."

Early adopters of the CRM integration have researched 157% more accounts than those who only access through the web application. Researching accounts on Databook is correlated with increased pipelines.

Faster, Larger Deals with Dtabook CRM Integration

The new integration extends Databook's platform to ensure sales teams can successfully craft strategies that engage executive buyers in value-based sales conversations. Fueled by more than a dozen quality financial and business data sources, Databook leverages proprietary automation and expertise to provide objective insights into executive priorities and business needs uniquely tailored to each account and opportunity. On average, sales teams using Databook insights achieve 3x more pipeline, 2.5x larger deals and 1.5x faster cycle times.

By embedding Databook within Sales Cloud, joint customers gain an enhanced, repeatable, and scalable way to turn every sales rep into a strategic consultant. This streamlined view of Databook insights, visible under CRM "account" and "opportunity" tabs sales reps utilize daily, helps sales representatives immediately focus on their strongest opportunities. Sales reps can instantly access strategic insights, recommendations, and downloadable executive decks and point-of-views that align to corporate priorities, market conditions, fiscal year timing, and financial case for change. In addition, users are automatically notified with recommendations when key account changes occur to ensure they're always one step ahead and no opportunity is lost.

Reps can also easily move from the CRM dashboard into the Databook platform for a deeper dive. Within Databook, sales teams can surface deal expansion opportunities by highlighting use cases purchased by similar companies that might be relevant. Strong-fit use cases are supported with relevant proof of success and value-driven vision for the future to create the strongest possible pitch that resonates with executive buyers.

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About Databook

Databook is the world's first consultative sales intelligence platform. The company was founded in 2017 to give enterprise sales representatives and go-to-market teams a differentiating advantage. Today, leading enterprise companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Databricks rely on Databook to help their teams engage as experts - improving the buying experience for customers and accelerating revenue acquisition.

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