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MedGene Therapeutics Publishes Preclinical Data Demonstrating RIV-8's Ability to Overcome T Cell Exhaustion in the Journal Science Advances
[November 29, 2022]

MedGene Therapeutics Publishes Preclinical Data Demonstrating RIV-8's Ability to Overcome T Cell Exhaustion in the Journal Science Advances

GAITHERSBURG, Md., Nov. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MedGene Therapeutics, Inc. (MedGene), a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to bringing adoptive cell therapies to solid tumors, today announced the publication of a peer-reviewed article titled “Kru¨ppel-like factor 4 regulates the cytolytic effector function of exhausted CD8 T cells” ( Data in the paper highlight the potential of Krüppel-like factor 4 (Klf4), a naturally-occurring human transcription factor, to overcome the T cell exhaustion problem that currently limits the success of immunotherapy in the treatment of solid tumors.

“These preclinical data provide compelling evidence that Klf4, could be the critical factor controlling T cell exhaustion,” said Yong Park, M.D., CEO of MedGene. “As the key component of our RIV-8, we are excited to take the next step toward clinical trials and actually see patients with solid tumor cancers benefit from adoptive cell therapies—like CAR-T and immune checkpoint inhibitors.”

RIV-8 technology was created in a collaboratin between MedGene Therapeutics and Dr. Rho Hyun Seong, professor of immunology at Seoul National University. The published results provide preclinical validation of MedGene’s assertions that RIV-8 attacks T cell exhaustion in three ways: first, it promotes differentiation of progenitor T cells into mature transitory effector T cells (cancer killers); second, it prevents the exhaustion of the transitory effector T cells, and third, it reinvigorates previously exhausted T cells. These, combined with The Cancer Genome Atlas evidence presented in the journal demonstrating favorable results against colon and kidney cancer, bode well for RIV-8 success in clinical trials.

Dr. Park continued, “Our promising in vivo mouse data highlight the potential of our vision to transform the treatment paradigm for solid tumors. We look forward to advancing RIV-8 into the clinic very soon.”

Key Article Highlights Include:

  • Klf4 is a potential regulator of CD8 T cell effector function during the exhaustion process and is specifically increased by chronic T cell receptor stimulation.
  • Klf4 is highly expressed in the transitory effector subset of the exhausted CD8 T cells.
  • Klf4 enhances the anti-tumor activity of CD8 T cells.
  • Klf4 expression enhances the CD8 T cell effector function and promotes the differentiation into a transitory effector subset.
  • Klf4 expression reinvigorates the effector function of exhausted CD8 T cells.
  • High Klf4 expression correlates with a favorable tumor prognosis

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