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ZMPC Vice Chief Engineer Yan Bang Addresses Award-winning Peers at World Laureates Forum
[November 23, 2022]

ZMPC Vice Chief Engineer Yan Bang Addresses Award-winning Peers at World Laureates Forum

SHANGHAI, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The 5th World Laureates Forum is being held in Shanghai, China from November 3-7, 2022. Yan Bing, Vice Chief Engineer of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC), was invited to attend the segment of the World Laureates Forum dedicated to outstanding engineers, where he delivered a keynote speech. Sixty winners of the world's most notable awards, including the Nobel Prize, Wolf Prize, Lasker Prize, Turing Prize, Kyoto Prize, Breakthrough Prize, Gairdner Prize, World Food Prize, Fields Medal, MacArthur Fellows and Eni Award were invited to the event. Dozens of distinguished researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering exchanged insights with leading and emerging young scientists as well as industry executives across a wide array of sectors. Guests from nearly 100 cities spanning some 30 countries and regions and 14 time zones were in attendanc.

The segment dedicated to engineers focused on the most effective forms of training geared towards helping engineers hone their professional skills, providing useful references and ideas for passing on the engineering culture to the up-and-coming cohort. In the prize presentation session, certificates were awarded to the selected group of outstanding engineers working or resident in Shanghai. In the keynote speech session, engineers from several disciplines under the umbrella of science and technology originating from Europe, the Americas and Asia were each invited to give 20-minute keynote speeches. The speeches were followed by a 60-minute roundtable discussion that focused on the theme of the forum and on specific scientific and engineering issues of import today.

Mr. Yan attended the forum as the representative of the first group of Shanghai-based Outstanding Engineers and delivered a keynote speech on ZPMC's Port Machinery Innovations and Globalization Journey. He first gave a brief introduction to ZPMC and expressed his confidence in the future development of the company. He summarized the mission statement: "As long as there is a container port in the world, there will be cranes produced by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries, so that the Chinese brand resonates around the world." To achieve this mission, generations of Zhenhua employees have worked tirelessly to start the globalization journey of its port machinery.

ZPMC, founded in 1992, has been committed to enhancing its market competitiveness and advantages in quality and innovation, highlighting the company's stated goal of creating a World First each year.

SOURCE Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.,ltd.

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