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Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries powers China's 39th Antarctic scientific research expedition
[November 23, 2022]

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries powers China's 39th Antarctic scientific research expedition

SHANGHAI, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The first cohort of the 39th Chinese Antarctic scientific research team set out from the China Polar Research Base Terminal in Shanghai for Antarctica on polar research icebreaker Xuelong 2 on October 26, in order to carry out scientific research tasks. The modular generator room built by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (ZPMC) as part of an upgrade of the electrical system of the Great Wall Station in Antarctica was a key piece of equipment making up the ship's cargo load. Two technicians from the team that built the room also joined the expedition.

In August 2022, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries won the tender to upgrade the electrical system, equipment facilities and buildings of the Great Wall and Zhongshan stations in Antarctica. It is the first time that ZPMC was chosen as general contractor for the Antarctic research project, the core element of which is the new integrated modular generator room at the Great Wall Station

Antarctica is known for its severe cold climate punctuated by frequent and violent snow and windstorms. The modular generator room features high mobility and meets the most stringent standards. Its prefabricated modules allow for short project duration and quick deployment at site, enabling rapid room assembly in Antarctica. The mounting of the facilities will be carried out after the arrival of Xuelong 2 in Antarctica. When completed, the facilities will provide the utmost in robust security for polar scientific expeditions.

ZPMC has powered China's Antarctic scientific expeditions multiple times. From the development of sleds for a project in 2018, and the building of wind- and snow-resistant safe houses and emergency rescue systems in 2019, to the development of modular generator rooms in 2022, ZPMC has always met high standards and requirements of its demanding clients. The projects give full play to the firm's professional design capability for mobile modular buildings while contributing to advancements in Chinese Antarctica-related scientific research.

China's 39th Antarctic scientific expedition will focus on the waters of the Southern Ocean that are in the proximity of the Antarctic continent, carrying out investigations throughout the South Pole's ecosystem including atmospheric composition, water environment and sedimentary environment.

The 39th Antarctic scientific expedition is made up of a crew of 255, who will arrive in Antarctica in two cohorts. The second cohort will set out from Shanghai on October 31 on polar research icebreaker Xuelong. This is the third time that the two Xuelong icebreakers will be simultaneously exploring the Antarctic continent. The expedition is scheduled to return to China in early April 2023.

SOURCE Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.,ltd.

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