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Lion Global Investors to use AI to manage funds
[November 23, 2022]

Lion Global Investors to use AI to manage funds

One of SE Asia's largest AMCs is combining AI with traditional strategies to transform how funds are managed.

SINGAPORE, Nov. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- By 2027, the size of global Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Asset Management Market is expected to reach USD 13.43 billion, according to Grand View Research. As one of the largest asset managers in Southeast Asia, Lion Global Investors (LGI) is future-proofing its investment strategies with a hybrid approach that combines Artificial Intelligence and fundamental investing strategies.

In early 2021, LGI established the Artificial Intelligence of Investments (AIOI) team, led by Ms Ong Ai Ling, who has many years of investment experience working at Lion Global Investors, Point 72 (Singapore) and Dymon Asia (Singapore) primarily. Ong's multi-disciplinary approach to investments has helped to integrate the hard disciplines of data science to the softer aspects of investments. She is currently supported by three data scientists.

"Essentially, we are leveraging humans' thought process in managing funds — such as how they look at certain characteristics and behaviours of stocks — and programming it into our AI to adopt a bottom-up approach and streamlining our stock selection process while leveraging on human strategy," said Ong. "Our AIOI approach stands out because our AI is not just following price action or facilitating reduced reaction times, it is also tapping into LGI's collective fund management experience."

LGI has started using AI and plans to launch innovative products by AI in the coming months. To start with, the LionGlobal Disruptive Innovation Fund (a global equities fund) will be upgraded from a smart beta fund that uses a static five-factor stock screening model to one that is driven by machine learning which can dynamically consider more than 30 factors to systematically select stocks.

Machine Learning vs Quantitative Approach

Machine learning is goal-oriented and uses large amounts of structured and unstructured data to produce a model to make reasonably accurate predictions. Machine learning can also distil additional new factors to help the model learn to achieve its goals; whereas traditional quantitative approach is soutions-oriented and finds a best fit among data points.

Unlike other AI models which only use a quantitative approach, LGI is teaching its machine learning model to identify and transform factors for input that leverages its asset managers' domain knowledge.

LGI's proprietary machine learning model processes and interprets raw data available on every company in a way that mimics how asset managers would think logically and analyse the data.

What's powerful with the AI-enhanced approach is that the machine learning model can meticulously use computation power to consider and process way more factors and information and do it faster than humans. Take the US stock market for example, a typical team of analysts would not be able to consider multi-factors for all the 5,000 stocks in the universe —at most a team of five analysts could only analyse 250 stocks. With AI and machine learning, LGI can now analyse all the stocks in the US stock index.

The AI and machine learning model can also be applied for different fund themes, sectors and countries.  

"LGI is one of the front runners in the Asian region combining machine learning and fundamental investing strategies," Ong said. "Our machine learning model captures the dynamic way asset managers think about investing, while leveraging AI's ability to process and analyse vast amounts of data."

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