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Laudio Expands Leadership Operations Platform at UNC Health and Renews with Boston Medical Center; Launches with Deaconess Health System and Kaleida Health
[November 22, 2022]

Laudio Expands Leadership Operations Platform at UNC Health and Renews with Boston Medical Center; Launches with Deaconess Health System and Kaleida Health

Laudio, the leadership operations solution for healthcare, announced new launches, renewals and expansions with four major clients, including UNC Health, Boston Medical Center (BMC), Deaconess Health System, and Kaleida Health. The platform is on track to support more than 250,000 clinical and non-clinical employees in 2023 to help their health systems improve across four key operating pillars, including people, operations, quality and safety, and patient experience.

"Healthcare leaders entrenched in day-to-day operations know that the status quo is not working," said Joel Ray, Laudio's newly appointed Chief Clinical Advisor and retired Chief Nursing Officer at UNC Health Rex, the Raleigh, N.C., hospital that is part of the UNC Health system. "From day one, Laudio has been focused on bringing leaders a personalized picture of their workforce with all the right data to learn what's driving their organizational outcomes - from reducing attrition and increasing engagement scores."

Serving more than 14 leading health systems across the U.S and U.K. today, Laudio recently expanded with clients like UNC Health and Boston Medical Center to further address retention, productivity and visibility challenges with access to best practices, workflows and personalized recommendations.

? UNC Health, comprising 16 hospitals and more than 900 clinics across North Carolina, a Laudio client since 2019, expanded again this fall, committing to bring Laudio's platform to all clinical and non-clinical leaders across the organization and support 30,000 employees. "We know leaders play a key role in retaining employees. Laudo has become an integral part of our 'Retention Starts with Me campaign that is designed to provide leaders with the tools and resources they need to keep teammates part of our One Great Team," said Scott A. Doak, MBA, SPHR, Chief Human Resources Officer at UNC Health. "Our leaders have shared how the Laudio platform has enriched their connections with their teams. And because we worked with Laudio to incorporate our UNC Health for Me culture strategy into the workflows, we're leveraging the platform to further support our commitment to teammates at every touchpoint."

? A Laudio client since 2019, Boston Medical Center (BMC) is an urban, academic Level-1 safety net hospital that recently renewed to bring the solution to their entire clinical staff. Director of Nursing Rebecca Hayes and her team have been using Laudio to interact daily with hundreds of employees. Representing similar stories within the organization, Hayes added: "When they all matter, every person we lose would be a devastating loss. My units have the lowest turnover in the hospital, and - when you look at the five biggest academic medical centers, BMC has the lowest current traveler load percentage-wise in the city."

Deaconess Health System, the premier provider of health care services to 35 counties in three states (IN, IL, and KY), and Kaleida Health, the largest healthcare provider in Western New York, also recently launched with Laudio.

"It's forward-thinking clients like these who push themselves and those around them to do better. It's why we love having them as partners," said Laudio CEO Russ Richmond MD. "In this year alone, we've gone from optimizing our platform to better support client retention, recognition, and workflow challenges to recently rolling out additional capabilities to address their needs around quality and safety, as well as patient experience."

About Laudio

Laudio is here to empower and connect leaders in healthcare to drive outcomes that matter. With its leader operations solution, Laudio automates repetitive work and serves up daily recommendations and best practices that help frontline leaders gain better visibility into their teams, find opportunities for meaningful connection, and discover clearer paths to achieving their goals across four key operating pillars in healthcare, including people, operations, quality & safety and patient experience. Soon, every leader will be able to achieve what seems impossible today, and that is the vision that drives us.

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