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FTP Today, Inc. Announces Rebrand
[November 17, 2022]

FTP Today, Inc. Announces Rebrand

FTP Today, Inc., a secure file sharing solution providing a SaaS platform to businesses in nearly every industry vertical, announced today that it has completed a major rebrand.

Launched in 2001, FTP Today, Inc. became the first company to build and directly market the technology of online file transfer via FTP and related protocols, but their services have expanded. FTP Today, Inc. has launched a web application with a strong set of features that assists organizations requiring a secure environment to send, receive, and share data. Additionally, FTP Today now partners with strategic data center and cloud service to serve its software to Enterprise and Government clients.

The new brand identity was unveiled this morning through an email distribution. Moving forward they will be conducting business as Sharetru.

The initial elements of FTP Today's updated branding as Sharetru include:

New Logo: As a representation of who Sharetru is as a company, there was a requirement for a strong logo able to stand on its own and be synonymous with the company. The logo was inspired by the workflows customers use Sharetru for with a beginning and end point. Additionally, it gives a nod to a corporal's patch which is representative of the DoD contractors using Sharetru daily.

Updated Brand Colors: The bright, inviting colors and layered imagey found throughout the new website from the color gradient, modern text, and the light, wide open feel reflects a modern and inviting atmosphere with depth. It's a breath of fresh air but continues to reflect the professionalism Sharetru is known for without becoming overly playful.

Simplification of Product Offering: Sharetru has eliminated the product layers "FTP Cloud" and "GOVFTP Cloud" and has instead opted for a more streamlined approach with 3 total plans, and the optional "Advanced Security & Compliance Add On," which provides additional controls for any organization. The simplification removes confusion for companies who wanted to purchase GOVFTP Cloud but did not think they were eligible if they were not a government entity.

"When I named the company 22 years ago, FTP Today made perfect sense. However, it is time for our name to catch up to the modern product suite we offer our customers today," said CEO Martin Horan.

"Over the past several months, we've worked to ensure this update not only reflects who we are today, but also who we hope to continue becoming; a company that's experienced, innovative, and relatable while driving true value for our customers through security and compliance," added CRO Brendon Ainsworth.

Sharetru's old branding as FTP Today required a major update. When the name FTP Today was originally chosen, FTP was the file transfer protocol of choice across industries. In 2022, it's an outdated technology. The juxtaposition of "FTP" with "Today" needed additional explanation for team members when explaining capabilities to customers, and likewise from customers to their end clients. Additionally, the web presence needed an overhaul to something visually unique.

Visit to explore the new website and brand.

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