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Celonis Unveils Industry's First Process MRI and Extends Execution Management to All Business Users
[November 09, 2022]

Celonis Unveils Industry's First Process MRI and Extends Execution Management to All Business Users

Celonis Expands its Process Excellence Lineage With Celonis Process Sphere and Celonis Business Miner

NEW YORK and MUNICH, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CELOSPHERE 2022 - Today debuts the launch of Celonis Process Sphere and Celonis Business Miner - a generational set of new capabilities that completely reinvent the process mining industry and set a new standard for simplicity and power in business execution. The launch is anchored around two interlinked strategies for business execution. The first is to open up new and unprecedented levels of business process depth and perspectives to all business users. The second strategy is to embed execution management into every business conversation.

Celonis Expands its Process Excellence Lineage With Celonis Process Sphere and Celonis Business Miner

Celonis Process Sphere opens up a new world of business perspective with the industry's first Process-MRI. This breakthrough new offering provides a multi-dimensional understanding of processes and all related business factors and dependencies. Process Sphere expands the level of understanding for process problems and opportunities to unlimited dimensions. Process Sphere also introduces a fun and easy-to-use consumer interface that allows any business professional to navigate processes as easily as a Google Map.

Celonis Business Miner arms every business user with a breakthrough new way to easily, and independently investigate, communicate, and team up around process problems and opportunities. This new business process investigation and collaboration workspace creates unlimited access to all business users to dig under the covers and find billions of dollars of process problems and opportunities inside of ERP, SCM, and CRM systems.

"For years, Celonis has been working on our secret obsession - to launch our next game-changer - multi-dimensional process mining and a never before seen consumer experience that opens execution management to every single business user in the enterprise," said Alex Rinke, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Celonis. "Celonis Process Sphere and Celonis Business Miner represent the start of a new era of enterprise systems that completely change the way our customers look at their own businesses and across their entire supply chain."

Celonis Process Sphere

The new Celonis Process Sphere introduces powerful new capabilities that incorporate the full scope of all business factors into process analysis, diagnosis, and remediation. Now customers can see both the process-bones of the famous Celonis X-ray and all of the interrelated process-MRI elements that give the full business perspective for problems and opportunities.

Celonis Process Sphere is a breakthrough that connects the previously "unconnected" and understands the real-world relationships between business objects. For example Celonis customers can now connect their end-to-end supply chains and understand the complex relationships between objects such as orders, requisitions, invoices, and shipments. This view enables them to not only identify that they have been paying suppliers late, but to also see for the first time how this inefficiency has metastasized to other parts of the business, even impacting customers.

Celonis Process Sphere will ship with a new object-centric model that allows users to more easily navigate through processes based on real-life objects and events in the way that a business owner would naturally describe them. Process phere also provides new filtering and parallel behavior detection capabilities that help unveil hidden inefficiencies that live at the intersection points between processes.

"Celonis Process Sphere represents the biggest step-change in the field for 10 years and establishes new table stakes for process mining and how companies operate," said Professor Wil van der Aalst, known widely as the "Godfather of Process Mining" and Chief Scientist at Celonis. "We can now reliably capture all the complex relationships and interdependencies that exist in modern business and provide a full picture of how processes are connected."

"Process Sphere is the beginning of a new journey for Celonis," says Celonis Co-founder and CTO Martin Klenk. "We are moving to a universe where process data is not interpreted as lines in a table, but as the real-world objects that people work with, and how they relate. This opens up massive opportunities for our customers to interact and build with their data in their own language, in a way they are already intimately familiar with."

"Functional silos are a big cause of inefficiencies that disrupt operations and lead to suboptimal customer experiences", said Adeel Fudda, VP of Intelligence, Automation & Emerging Tech at Mars. "Process mining has proven itself as a scalable, data-driven method to derive actionable insights to improve profitability and customer experience. Process Sphere gives us an intuitive and powerful way to easily analyze cross-functional processes to unlock significant efficiencies and value across the organization."

"Celonis Process Sphere has proven valuable to our organization as it shows an entire process at a glance, while also presenting the handshakes that go between different processes," said András Katkó, Head of Group IT Back Office at MOL Group. "This is very important to us as we need to see where certain interactions occur, because usually a problem occurs at a point where two systems or processes meet. A major differentiator is that it is easy to use, even for those without a technical background. Celonis Process Sphere opens up a new horizon in terms of managing complex systems and we look forward to more people at MOL Group - at any level or department - leveraging it as a prerequisite for improved process-driven decision-making."

Celonis Business Miner

The new Celonis Business Miner is the industry's first intelligent process investigation technology and collaboration workspace. Celonis Business Miner enables any business user to investigate enterprise ERP, SCM, and CRM systems for hidden process opportunities, and then mobilize the right team, resources, and actions around the initiative. Prior to Business Miner, process exploration required deep technical expertise, and now any business user can engage in the hunt for process optimization opportunities

Celonis Business Miner ships immediately with a new guided onboarding capability, which enables any new user to get started quickly. Business Miner provides intuitive question-and-answer-based exploration that provides quick and consumable insights. For example, a finance user is able to get an answer to a simple question such as, "What is my early payment rate?" or "Where is the best place to unlock $500M in free-cash-flow" and then be presented with the right answers to investigate this process area.

And once insights and opportunities are identified, Celonis Business Miner acts as a powerful communication and collaboration workspace - so the right team can be mobilized and work together in a fully transparent communications platform. Celonis customers can also contribute to the question and answer knowledge base to create a flywheel of additional business perspectives.

"The ultimate goal for Celonis is to unite the best technology with the best human know-how and ingenuity to find, fix and optimize business processes," said Rinke. "We are all equipped with the ultimate business execution system - our eyes, ears, and brains - we just need a way to blend our human intuition and curiosity into the business execution game. That's what Celonis Business Miner is all about - we make process optimization a team sport - and we put the entire company on the hunt for the next billion dollar process opportunity."

"We see Celonis as a critical platform to drive business performance at HSBC," said Alex Moro, Head of Process Re-engineering and Advanced Design at HSBC. "Removing the barrier to entry for non-technical users with Business Miner will help us better realize the value of Celonis EMS."

"Customers will be excited about the exponential growth in process mining solutions to meet a wide range of use cases for execution management," said R "Ray" Wang, CEO of Constellation Research. "Prospects and customers will have an opportunity to both balance the needs of operations efficiency and investing for growth."

Celonis is also announcing significant updates to Task Mining. The enhanced Celonis Task Mining product provides the capability to capture and understand desktop data in total respect of user privacy. It also ships with a new solution for workforce productivity that gives customers full context and clarity on how work gets done and the overall employee experience across the business. The core Celonis Task Mining technology has been rearchitected to capture employee experience in real-time and at scale.

Celonis has also made improvements to its revolutionary Process Data Engine. These enhancements allow Celonis customers to handle even more data at speed and scale. For example, new capabilities in delta transformations and data pipeline parallelization will radically improve data processing performance and capacity. Also, data in Celonis EMS is protected with the highest security and data protection standards, including SOC1 and SOC2 type-2 compliance, and HIPAA.

Celosphere 2022

Celonis Process Sphere and Celonis Business Miner are being launched at Celosphere 2022, the world's largest gathering of process experts and fanatics. Celosphere 2022 is hosted live on November 9- 10 in Munich, Germany and broadcast online to an audience of more than 20,000 people.

Demo of Process Sphere (YouTube)
Demo of Business Miner (YouTube)

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