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Axway and Blanc Labs partner up to provide integrated open banking solutions for all
[October 11, 2022]

Axway and Blanc Labs partner up to provide integrated open banking solutions for all

API integrations are a necessity as the economy move towards an open banking system

PHOENIX, Oct. 11, 2022 /CNW/ - Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a leading provider of open banking built on the Amplify API management platform, is proud to announce its partnership with Blanc Labs, a trusted financial service and healthcare innovation partner.

While the largest banks are already well along their digital journey, many others are still tasked with competing in what can feel like an uneven playing field. Financial institutions must have a clear strategy for implementing, governing, monetizing, and marketing APIs to ensure a frictionless customer experience and better business results.

"We want to help all banks – anyone who has something to bring to the table – to strategize and compete in the open banking arena," said Eyal Sivan, Head of Open Banking at Axway. "They will thrive as they embrace open APIs, build on trusted customer relationships, and meet their customers' needs wherever they are."

"At Blanc Labs, we help our clients achieve extraordinary results by accelerating their digital transformation journey," says Blanc Labs CEO Hamid Akbari. "APIzation will enable secure data interoperability within the financial services ecosystem. Open banking and Banking-as-a-Service pose a disruption challenge as well as a massive growth opportunity for banks and fintechs."

The specialized solutions offered by Blanc Labs together with Axwy make API integrations more efficient and cost-effective thanks to universal API management. Benefits of the unified API platform include:?? 

  1. Increased productivity as developers easily find and repurpose APIs, eliminating duplication of efforts
  2. Less technical complexity by unifying and simplifying API services across the organization? 
  3. Stronger security thanks to a unified, vendor-agnostic view of all APIs?
  4. Faster legacy system upgrades through an API-first layer, which simplifies the addition of new services
  5. More robust governance through centralized documentation for multiple developer teams

"Partnering with Axway, a pioneer in API management and the open banking space, is a natural fit for us. Out-of-the-box support for open banking and common data standards will significantly reduce the cost of building next-gen financial services and will accelerate time-to-market for our clients," Akbari adds.

As banks gain confidence with Axway and Blanc Labs open banking solutions, they can move from optimizing processes and keeping up with industry standards to unlocking new business models, discovering richer customer data insights, and building highly personalized services to delight their clients.

Learn more about the Axway-Blanc Labs partnership and how they can help banks fully participate in the growing open banking ecosystem, here.

About Blanc Labs

Blanc Labs is a preferred partner for enterprises looking to digitize and build the next generation of technology products and services. To help companies rapidly deliver on their digital initiatives, Blanc Labs has developed expertise and bespoke solutions in a wide variety of applications in financial services, healthcare, enterprise productivity, and customer experience. Headquartered in Toronto, Blanc Labs serves the Americas through operations in Toronto, New York, Bogota, and Buenos Aires. For more information on how Blanc Labs is building a better future, visit

About Axway

Axway enables enterprises to securely open everything by integrating and moving data across a complex world of new and old technologies. Axway's API-driven B2B integration and MFT software, refined over 20 years, complements Axway Amplify, an open API management platform that makes APIs easier to discover and reuse across multiple teams, vendors, and cloud environments. Axway has helped over 11,000 businesses unlock the full value of their existing digital ecosystems to create brilliant experiences, innovate new services, and reach new markets. Learn more at

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