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Ruby Coin: A Revolution in the Blockchain World
[September 23, 2022]

Ruby Coin: A Revolution in the Blockchain World

"First ever semi-stable coin powered by Uniswap V3 with concentrated liquidity pools, and physical assets."

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Sept. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ruby Coin is hitting the market this September 26, 2022, a great opportunity for NFT enthusiasts. RubyCoin is packed with assets to be launched in the Metaverse art gallery and will include some extraordinary rare art from the likes of legends such as Van Gogh and Picasso. RubyCoin tokens powered by Uniswap V3 with hyper-efficient, perma-locked liquidity is also the first ever semi-stable coin that has a dedicated liquidity pool and physical assets backing the token, making this a low risk but still achieving a high return over a short to medium term. The perfect choice for all conservative investors!

The great RubyCoin ($Ruby) is a first-of-its-kind ERC-20 that makes use of concentrated liquidity positions (CLPs) and decentralized market making (DMM) on Uniswap V3. The core mechanics are easy to explain and understand, despite the fact that the technology often feels very complex due to the advanced engineering.

Concentrated Liquidity Positions (CLPs) can be managed by smart contracts thanks to Uniswap V3's 4000x improved liquidity efficiency. Adoption, however, has been incredibly slow and largely restricted to stablecoin pairings. This is so because a sideways market makes it simple to create liquidity. Providing decentralized liquidity in trending assets is the problem.

Ruby charges normal market-related fees for each purchase. These fees are managed to ensure the marketing team continues the brand exposure and the administration of the entire system, which is an ongoing deveopment project. Asset management is outsourced to build and gain more investor confidence and provide true transparency and investor protection practices. RubyCoin has set the stage to achieve in the form of milestones, and in every next stage, the value accumulates in order to roll out the next milestone for the next stage, which provides transparency in the growth of the projects and the liquidity to sustain a profitable and semi-stable coin which offers security and performance at the same time.

With Ruby above and Eth paired, liquidity is concentrated on both sides of the combination. The liquidity on both sides of the pairing varies with momentum to allow for natural price swings. The sell-side liquidity (Ruby) decreases during uptrends. Reduced buy-side liquidity is seen during downtrends (Eth). Since the smart contract is the only market maker, this kind of liquidity adjustment enables the smart contract to protect against temporary loss and always maintain sufficient liquidity, especially in situations with significant trends.

The Eth liquidity doesn't alter as long as the milestones are achieved. At every stage, a significant rise in price occurs, with 100% of the Eth serving in the liquidity pool. Momentum is gained or lost if the price rises or declines by more than 1250 ticks in the DEX. When such momentum changes from upward to downward, the Eth liquidity subsequently declines, and the RubyCoin liquidity overhead rises in a way similar to uptrend streams.

In order to prevent the smart contract from ever completely and permanently losing the locked Eth liquidity, less Eth is placed as liquidity, and more is maintained in the smart contract as the price continues to decline. The safety net remains the underlying assets accumulated by the RubyCoin stages and milestones, which in turn provide tangible fiat valued assets that can be liquidated at any time in order to preserve the RubyCoin stability.

On September 26, 2022, the ICO sale will go live. Early investors will benefit exponentially from the sale since it is a one-time opportunity to buy Ruby coins at a discounted price! The market has spoken – the first true semi-stable asset-backed coin is here! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity and secure your future!

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