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GLOBAL TIMES ONLINE: Weichai Power in Weifang accelerates commoditization of hydrogen fuel cell logistics vehicles
[September 12, 2022]

GLOBAL TIMES ONLINE: Weichai Power in Weifang accelerates commoditization of hydrogen fuel cell logistics vehicles

WEIFANG, China, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Weichai Power Co., Ltd., based in Weifang city, east China's Shandong Province, and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd, recently received an order for 1,100 fuel cell electric trucks placed by three companies.

The 1,100 trucks, both heavy-duty trucks and light-duty ones, will be delivered to the three companies, including Qingdao Shengtonghua Automobile Sales & Service Co. Ltd, Zibo Zhanhong Automobile and Act with One Mind, a logistics company, in the next two to three years, according to an agreement the two automobile manufacturers signed with the three companies on Sept.1.

As the largest order for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in China, the agreement marks a huge step forward in the commoditization of the green enegy logistics vehicles in the country.

The 1,100 vehicles cover various types, including 4.5-tonne trucks dedicated to urban logistics, 18-tonne logistics trucks, and 49-tonne trailers. Installed with Weichai-developed hydrogen fuel cell power packs, the power output of the vehicles ranges from 50 kW to 200 kW.

The 49-ton trailer, which hit the road in a trial operation in 2020 in Shandong, consumes only eight kilograms of hydrogen per 100 kilometers, and can travel up to 600 kilometers on a full tank of hydrogen. 100 such vehicles can reduce carbon emissions by 13,000 tons per year. Besides, the hydrogen refueling stations built along the highways in Jinan, Zibo, Weifang and Qingdao of the province can easily meet the drivers' needs for refueling.

Weichai Power has committed four billion yuan (about $576.8 million) to renewable energy sources since 2010. After the inauguration of the National Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Center in April 2021, Weichai Power established a company for developing fuel cell. During the trial operation of the company, Weichai Power established a R&D team with independent innovation ability, and built a hydrogen fuel cell engine manufacturing base with a capacity of 20,000 sets, which is currently the largest one in the world. It has also achieved many breakthroughs in the whole industrial chain and industrialization of fuel cell.


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