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10KMedia Announces Joins the Agency's Roster of Premier Startups
[August 04, 2022]

10KMedia Announces Joins the Agency's Roster of Premier Startups

10KMedia, the boutique PR agency hyper-focused on DevOps and SRE, today announces the addition of to its roster of premier startups. The company was founded by CEO Nora Jones, the former Head of Chaos Engineering at Slack and Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Jeli is an incident analysis platform that uses incidents as a catalyst for understanding company health and resilience, and helps organizations improve their response times and long-term reliability.

"Nora is a rockstar and Jeli is exactly the kind of startup I want to represent - founded by someone with authority in the space, who comes from top pedigree companies, and who has launched something special based on the pains ofpersonal experience within DevOps and SRE," said Adam LaGreca, Founder of 10KMedia. "Mitigating incidents is hard, learning from incidents is hard, preventing incidents from repeating is hard. These are real problems that every company faces and Jeli is offering a platform to help with all of it built by top industry experts."

Jeli highlights the incident coordination costs between engineering and business units and generates recommendations to help companies address these issues before they become irreparable. Jeli coalesces disparate systems involved in incidents and directs users' attention to areas that are costing companies the most during incidents so that users can not only improve the collaboration and process aspects of incident response, but improve on-call rotations and strengthen the capability of getting action items completed.

With Jeli, companies no longer have to painstakingly go through every detail of every incident. Jeli proactively does it for them in a way that makes them faster and enhances the quality of the output. Through Jeli's incident analysis and timeline, organizations can start their postmortems with shoulders to stand on, rather than starting from scratch and missing opportunities to improve. Jeli enables users to slice and dice their incidents in a way that shows how responders can better coordinate.

"Jeli is enterprise ready and we're excited for more people to hear about it and give us a try," said Nora Jones, CEO and Founder of Jeli. "10KMedia's work speaks for itself and we look forward to being deeply involved in the public discourse around best practices when it comes to incident response and chaos engineering, as well as DevOps and SRE more broadly."

About 10KMedia

10KMedia is a boutique PR agency focused on DevOps. The agency's founder led communications for DigitalOcean, Datadog, and Gremlin. Current clients include Amberflo, Bridgecrew, Komodor, Lightstep, and Rookout. Operations are based in Dumbo, Brooklyn.

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