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BizVibe Adds New Company Insights for 1,500+ Magnetic and Optical Media Manufacturing Companies | Risk Evaluation | Regional Analysis | Similar Companies | Financials and Management Team
[August 03, 2022]

BizVibe Adds New Company Insights for 1,500+ Magnetic and Optical Media Manufacturing Companies | Risk Evaluation | Regional Analysis | Similar Companies | Financials and Management Team

NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- BizVibe, a business intelligence platform providing detailed company data for both buyers and suppliers, has recently added new insights for the magnetic and optical media manufacturing industry. This platform contains 30M public and private company profiles spanning across 300+ industries and 200+ countries, and features more than 1,500 magnetic and optical media companies. These company profiles range from global market leaders to specialized media manufacturers, with each profile containing 50+ unique insights.

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Company profiles provide the following insights:

  • Company summary
  • Product and service offerings
  • Risk level report
  • Financial reports and management team contacts
  • Similar companies and competitors (by region)
  • Industry trends and challenges
  • Real-time news updates

Magnetic and Optical Media Manufacturing Industry Insights: Trends and Challenges

As people stay indoors during the pandemic, the popularity of gaming has grown substantially. Leading this growth are console and PC gaming systems such as Sony's Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox consoles. Some modern consoles still utilize optical media, leading to great opportunities for magnetic and optical media manufacturers as game sales continue to rise. The increasing popularity of gaming has also led to higher demand for hard drives.

Physical CD sales are declining in an era of music streaming. Online music streaming apps such as Spotify and Aple Music have become the go-to option for music consumption in North America and many other regions, leading to declining demand for discs and CDs. Music companies have migrated to selling limited edition copies of physical CDs packed with goods such as photo cards and more as collectible, but physical CD sales are expected to continue to decline.

Magnetic and Optical Media Company Insights on BizVibe: Top Players and Specialized Manufacturers

Some of the public and private magnetic and optical media manufacturing companies on BizVibe include:

Market Leaders:

  • Nintendo
  • Millennium Art
  • TDK Corporation
  • Sony Corporation
  • Square Enix

Specialized Manufacturers:

  • Technicolor
    • Key Products: DVDs, CDs
  • National Audio Company
    • Key Products: cassettes
  • Mulann
    • Key Products: cassettes
  • Disc Makers
    • Key Products: CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays
  • Cyclone Music
    • Key Products: CDs, DVDs, vinyl records

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Key Segments Covered

BizVibe's magnetic and optical media manufacturing industry insights cover the following segments.

Top Blank Magnetic and Optical Recording Media Categories:

  • Blank Audiotape and Blank Diskette Manufacturers
  • Video Tape and Cassette Manufacturers
  • Hard Drive Media Manufacturers
  • Blank Magnetic and Optical Media Manufacturers

Top Software, Tape, and Record Reproducing Categories:

  • Video Tape or Disk Mass Reproducing
  • Pre-recorded Magnetic Audio Tape and Cassette Mass Reproducing
  • CD-ROM Software Mass Reproducing
  • Prepackaged Software Mass Reproducing

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