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[August 01, 2022]


The United Nations Information Security Special Interest Group (UNISSIG) recently received a briefing on Zero Trust technologies and priorities from Matt Chiodi, chief trust officer at security startup, Cerby.

This is another sign that the approach is getting past the hype and gaining real traction.

Are you interested in speaking with Matt about what Zero Trust means in today’s business environment, steps organizations can take it implement it now, and what challenges to prepare for along the way? In his briefing—which was made at the request of UNISSIG—Matt highlighted several Zero Trust concepts. He defined terms such as the protect surface – the set of data, assets, applications and services critical for a business to protect; and the Kipling method policy – a method for Zero Trust policy creation where the business defines the who, what, when, where, why and how. He laid out the five key steps to implementing Zero Trust, which range from building a Zero Trust architecture and mapping transaction flows to monitoring and maintaining the network.

Matt also described emerging problems such as the rising tide of ‘unmanageable applications.’ Accounting for as many as one in every two business applications used today (like Intuit, Amazon Ads, Docker and Skype), these are technologies used without the knowledge of the IT department because they typically don’t support common security and identity standards. Matt explained how they break Zero Trust principles, and detailed five steps a business can take to secure them.

Please let me know your interest in further discussion.

Matt is a security industry veteran, with past leadership roles at Cognizant, Deloitte, eBay and Palo Alto Networks. He’s served on boards of directors, including InfraGard (the FBI/private sector partnership for the protection of critical infrastructure), runs his own cloud security podcast, and is currently on faculty at IANS Research. He previously worked as a tech analyst for Johnson & Johnson and Conde Nast.

A well-versed industry expert, Matt is also happy to be a resource to you for related cybersecurity and tech topics – please reach out anytime I can be of assistance.

Thanks, Aleeya Fitzgerald ___________________________ CONTOSDUNNECOMMUNICATIONS 1.408.776.1400 office [email protected] email FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CERBY CHIEF TRUST OFFICER MATT CHIODI BRIEFS UNITED NATIONS GROUP ON ZERO TRUST Alameda, CA: Cerby, which offers the world’s first platform to positively guide employees' security behaviors no matter which applications they use, today announced that Chief Trust Officer Matt Chiodi briefed a working group within the United Nations Information Security Special Interest Group (UNISSIG) on emerging Zero Trust technologies and priorities. The presentation, made virtually at the request of the group, covered key Zero Trust concepts, steps required to implement Zero Trust, and ways to ensure these principles in an environment where technology spending continues to move away from the IT function.

“It was an honor to advocate Zero Trust principles to a group of this stature— this is a vital discipline, and it deserves the breadth and prestige that UN agencies can bring to it,” Mr. Chiodi noted. “All of us at Cerby look forward to greater interaction and collaboration with the IOM as it spreads the message of Zero Trust.” Among other issues, the presentation covered: ? Zero Trust concepts such as defining the protect surface; the Kipling method policy; and tools and technologies deployed to build and maintain a Zero Trust environment ? Five key steps to implementing Zero Trust, including mapping the transaction flows; monitoring and maintaining the network; and building a Zero Trust architecture ? Understanding unmanageable applications— technologies used without the approval or knowledge of the IT department, and that don’t support common security and identity standards ? How employees increasingly demand the power to choose their own apps ? How this new and evolving technology environment requires a holistic solution The UNISSIG is the principal mechanism within the UN system for the promotion of inter-agency cooperation and collaboration on information security-related matters. Its primary objective, the optimization of information security within its member organizations, is pursued through the continuous and collective assessment of the UN system’s exposure to (internal and external) threats. Representatives from The International Office for Migration (IOM) and World Health Organization (WHO) were among those attending the briefing.

About Cerby Cerby delivers the world’s first platform built to positively guide employees' security behaviors no matter which applications they use. We protect brands around the world, including some of the most recognizable businesses, by taking an approach that empowers both employees and security teams, using zero trust principles. Our proprietary technology uses robotic process automation to understand applications in a business context and automatically enforces security best practices before misconfigurations turn into breaches. Cerby is a must-have for technology executives and their teams to protect the brand, stay secure and increase productivity.

At Cerby, we believe that employee application choice and security can go hand-in-hand, but only when employees are trusted to choose the best applications for their work. When employees are allowed this choice, productivity increases and security moves from the IT department to the responsibility of every employee.

Cerby’s platform lets clients like L’Oréal, Dentsu, Wizeline, and MiSalud fix common application liabilities efficiently while facilitating collaboration. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter at @CerbyHQ.

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