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Top Flight Anxiety Help App SkyGuru Announces API Platform for Third-Party Integration
[July 06, 2022]

Top Flight Anxiety Help App SkyGuru Announces API Platform for Third-Party Integration

San Jose, CA, July 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aerophobia, or the fear of flying, is one of the most common fears, affecting an estimated 40% of U.S. adults. Around one in three people have some level of fear of flying. As the post-pandemic demand for air travel continues to increase, SkyGuru, a leading mobile app helping people with flight anxiety, has announced the availability of its API (application programming interface) platform for third-party integrations.

Often referred to as ‘a pilot in your pocket,’ by fans, SkyGuru is a popular mobile app that makes flyers feel in control by providing them with real-time explanation of the different stages of their flight and explaining what they are experiencing.

The state-of-the-art app uses professional aviation data, as well as the sensors in the user’s mobile phone to measure the movements of the plane and provide helpful commentary on what is happening in real time.

Additionally,SkyGuru offers users pre-flight help, real-time turbulence forecasts, weather information, and alleviating advice on any sounds or sensations that people with the fear of flying might find alarming. Most importantly, all of the app’s necessary features work in airplane mode!

SkyGuru was developed by Alex Gervash, an Israeli pilot and psychologist with over 22 years of flying experience. Gervash is also one of only 150 people in the world who are qualified in both of these fields. This unique double specialization and experience in treating people with aerophobia is what enabled Gervash to create the popular app.

“In my practice as a psychologist, I found that one of the main causes of flight anxiety is a lack of information,” says Alex Gervash, Founder and CEO of SkyGuru. “When you know and understand exactly what is going on with the plane during your flight, it gives you a feeling of being in control, and that’s what it takes to reduce anxiety for most people.”

Since its release, SkyGuru has attracted a lot of attention not only from users but also from investors. One of the notable supporters of the app is Mikhail Peleg, an entrepreneur and producer of the popular Ukrainian band Machete. Peleg noted that he sees a lot of potential in further developing SkyGuru and enhancing the app with additional features to help as many people as possible conquer their fear of flying once and for all.

SkyGuru is currently available in both the App Store and Google Play. For questions about API partnership and other cooperation, email: dr[at]

[email protected]

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