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Miracle Cyclist Smashes Southern California in 51 Hours
[June 30, 2022]

Miracle Cyclist Smashes Southern California in 51 Hours

UHSM Health Share (UHSM), a faith-based health care nonprofit founded on Christian beliefs and values, announced its ambassador athlete Grant Lottering, extreme endurance cyclist, international motivational speaker and Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador, completed his first US-based Im'possible Tour, an initiative he started in 2013 after suffering a near-fatal accident during a world championship preparation race in Trento, Italy.

Sponsored by UHSM and Mercedes-Benz Vans USA, Lottering set off from Shaver Lake in the Sierra National Forest on June 1 for a grueling ride, reaching the village of Big Bear Lake after three days and nights of continuous cycling, sleeping for a total of only two hours and 45 minutes. Road closures, a crash, missing deer at night, bear encounters, countless mosquito bites, and almost 99 miles of climbing and descending rough gravel roads made for an epic first US Im'possible Tour.

"We are proud to have Grant as a UHSM ambassador - his passion for life, making a difference in society and persevering in the face of challenges and storms are hugely inspirational," said Christopher Jin, UHSM president. "At UHSM, we affirm that caring for people and their overall health encompasses the body, mind and spirit. And as supporters of Grant's mission and vision for inspiring others and sharing positivity across the world, we believe his message deeply aligns with our values. We are incredibly proud of his amazing accomplishment!"

Lottering and his support team made their way through the first night crossing the Sierra and Sequoia National Forests. Day two saw Lottering ride the Santa Ynez Mountains set in the backdrop of Santa Barbara and then through the Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. He continued along the rugged peaks and mountain forests of the San Bernardino Mountain range and on to Lake Arrowhead, known as 'The Alps of Southern California.' He finally reached Big Bear Lake early on Saturday morning, June 4. He managed to include many famous mountain roads in his ride, including King's Canyon Road, Figueroa, Refugo and Gibraltar Roads, Little and Big Tujunga Mountain Roads, Glendora and Mt Baldy, up to the Ski Lifts, Lake Arrowhead and up to Big Bear Lake, a total elevation gain of 59,300 ft.

Already described as a 'remarkable' and 'astounding' accomplishment, Lottering and his support team made their way down from Big Bear Lake to the Orange County Great Park Soccer Stadium. His arrival was celebrated in front of fans ahead of a league match held between Orange County Soccer Club and New Mexico on June 4. The end of the tour saw Lottering exhausted but exhilarated.

"The levels of pain I endured for long periods simply cannot be explained or articulated; without my support team and sponsors, I would never have finished this ride," said Lottering. "It was imperative that I succeed at my first US Im'possible Tour and recompense my sponsors for their belief in my global fundraising efforts. Failure was simply not an option. I have had so many difficulties to overcome and setbacks the past few years that succeeding here in California was very, very personal for me."

Lottering's remarkable story and subsequent Im'possible Tours have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, a charity using sport for social change with partners worldwide. He has shared his life story with audiences in over 12 countries and has reached over 90 million people globally as he continues to inspire and challenge audiences to reach beyond their limits and accomplish the impossible.

After suffering his near life-ending accident in 2013, where he suffered extensive injuries, including 22 fractures all over his body, a crushed right shoulder, collapsed lungs and thorax, internal bleeding, and ruptured arteries, Lottering went on to do the impossible. The extent of his injuries was such that surgeons in Italy and South Africa told him it was highly unlikely that he would ever be able to ride again. Lottering refused to accept this prognosis, and, despite undergoing 12 surgeries since 2013, emergency cancer surgery, and another severe crash in 2017 fracturing and dislocating his left shoulder, he has astonished the medical profession and audiences alike with his annual extreme cycling attempts for charity. To learn more about Lottering's tremendous story, visit


UHSM Health Share is a nonprofit, faith-based health sharing ministry that facilitates member-to-member health sharing among fellow Christians, serving as a connector to administer medical cost sharing through its We Share programs. Christian healthcare is chosen by millions each year over traditional insurance plans, and We Share programs by UHSM stand alone as the only health sharing that offers members true prescription coverage through the CVS Caremark network plus access to basic care through CVS Minute Clinic and Health Hub. We Share and UHSM members can also access care through nearly one million doctors, hospitals and specialists in the First Health PPO Network, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aetna Inc. Additionally, all members can contact the DocDay telehealth network seven days a week for diagnoses, treatment, lab orders and prescriptions related to more than 40 health conditions. Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, UHSM offers its members simple, fair, and friendly healthcare programs. The UHSM mission is to help Christian families fulfill their God-given purpose to care for one another, foster holistic wellbeing, and positively impact our communities in need.

About Grant Lottering

Extreme Endurance Cyclist, international conference speaker and Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador, Grant Lottering's remarkable comeback from death on July 21 2013 to conquering the French Alps, Pyrenees, South Africa and in 2022 the US, continues to astonish the medical profession and audiences alike. He has shared his story 'From Death to the Top of the Alps' with audiences in over 12 countries around the world and is living proof that one can achieve unbelievable levels of success while persevering in the face of challenges and storms. Grant has overcome incredible odds, refusing to give up, and continues to do what most believe to be impossible. To learn more about Grant Lottering and his Im'possible Tours, please visit

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