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CITIZN to launch its first country, Canada; its home turf
[June 29, 2022]

CITIZN to launch its first country, Canada; its home turf

After successfully launching its live platform at the recent Collision Startup Show, CITIZN will convene a conference on September 28th called "Digitally Disrupting Democracy, For Good" to officially launch CITIZN Canada Inc and to formally sign the constitutive documents which will give power and money to the people of Canada.

TORONTO, June 29, 2022 /CNW/ - CITIZN, the People's API powered by Democracy's Social Network, announces the company's Canadian launch date and constitutional conference. 

The purpose of this conference is to officially launch our platform in Canada, CITIZN's first market and home turf, and to deploy the cloud-based infrastructure for Canada's Sixth 6th Estate to thereafter assemble.  At the conference, the company charter, found here, will be signed: CITIZN Charter

Designed to revitalize the relationship between government and those governed, the philosophy and technology of CITIZN makes real-time interactions between people and government not ony possible, but as meaningful and powerful as elections.

"What's even more radical than our ambition to reconcile the public with their respective governments," explained Murray Simser, Founder and CEO, "is our approach to guaranteeing that the platform will principally benefit the people. CITIZN is not a polling company, nor is it a lobby group, CITIZN is literally the organized, measured and expressed voice of the people, built by the people for the people. So, we must meet a tool this powerful with equally novel approaches to governance and capitalism."

To that end, over the last 6 months, CITIZN's ambassador board, made up of 30+ well-known people wrote the proposed constitution for CITIZN Canada.  It ensures that users in each country will own and benefit from the lion's share of the income generated by the platform; govern its use; and modify its rules, policies and functionalities right from within the app – thus assuring a complimentary relationship between our capital-driven tech company CITIZN Inc and CITIZN's socially-driven users." added Simser.

"Our ambition is that, at full-flight, this platform, a marriage of Silicon Valley innovation and wealth creation and the will of the people, will elevate everyone and endow them power and money to affect meaningful societal change." Said Chris Wolfenberg, Founder and Chairman.  "How you ask? By generating revenue that will flow into the hands of users; that they can use to improve their societies or strengthen the outcomes of government policy-making at scale; like funding hospitals or parks or scholarship or services."

"The more citizens can influence outcomes between and before elections, the better the quality of their representation is likely to become." said Nic Ruszkowski, Chair of the CITIZN Committee that wrote the CITIZN Canada Charter.

Last week, CITIZN released its live app at the Collision Startup Conference, in Toronto, as an exhibitor in the Alpha Startup Program.  These live pre-commercial, pre-app store apps can be reviewed here:

#iOS registration link: iPhone

#Android registration link:  Android


Founded in 2019 and located in Toronto, Canada, CITIZN, Inc., the People's API powered by Democracy's Social Network.  Created by Silicon Valley and Seattle tech industry veteran Murray Simser, and political expert turned Ivy League lawyer Chris Wolfenberg.

CITIZN's AI-driven platform enables ALL people in a society to contribute meaningfully and measurably to their country's political conversation everyday through an app on their phones.


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