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Earn by Mission Lane Launches Enhanced Features to Help Gig Workers Increase Their Income and Manage Their Money
[June 23, 2022]

Earn by Mission Lane Launches Enhanced Features to Help Gig Workers Increase Their Income and Manage Their Money

Mission Lane, a purpose-driven financial technology company, today launched a series of product enhancements for its Earn app to help people grow and optimize their income through a gig work discovery engine and an automated income tracker.

Mission Lane provides high-quality, transparent, and data-driven products and experiences for people trying to build or rebuild their credit and improve their financial lives. Its Earn app, which launched in September 2021, is built to help gig workers discover new gig opportunities and aggregate their earnings information across all jobs into one convenient dashboard.

According to a 2021 study from Pew Research Center, 16 percent of Americans have earned money via an online gig platform, a number that trends higher among those under 30 and people of color. As more individuals turn to gig work to meet basic needs in the current high-inflation environment or simply to earn some extra cash, they are increasingly stressed by the time and effort required to ensure a source of income while tracking jobs across multiple gig apps.

"Gig work is hard enough as it is. Through Earn, we are eliminating the added burden of managing multiple work opportunities across different platforms," said Lisa Fischer, Chief Lending and Growth Officer at Mission Lane. "By providing a single source of personalized insights, Earn gives our customers the power to choose which opportunities best fit their lifestyle, clearly tack their earnings and progress, and save time and money."

Earn users will now have access to an income insights tool, called a "Daily Snapshot," to help track when and where they are earning the most money, allowing them to optimize their gigs for increased earning potential. For example, Mission Lane has found that 8:00 p.m. during a weeknight is the optimal time for the average Earn user to make the most money, at approximately $25 hour per hour, compared to the median national gig worker hourly wage of $20 per an hour.[1] This income tracking display also enables customers to compare previous gigs through filters including pay, tips, hours, trips - providing an average hourly rate. Coupled with the ability to set flexible daily, weekly, or monthly goals, gig workers have the digital freedom to determine and keep track of their income through Earn. Additionally, the app has added over 100,000 job listings, increasing the opportunities available for people to find full- and part-time work.

Earn has the ability to provide these customized income dashboards through a partnership with Argyle, a leading employment data aggregator that provides companies access to user-permissioned employment data in real-time.

"As individuals deal with record inflation, gas prices and overall economic uncertainty, free offerings like Earn can help them manage the stress of making ends meet," said Shane Holdaway, Chief Executive Officer of Mission Lane. "We continue to evolve Earn with our customers' needs, always looking for ways to tailor products to an individual's unique financial situation."

Earn is one of several products and services Mission Lane offers to its customers. The company currently serves two million customers with its market-leading credit and debit card program.

More information about Earn can be found here.

About Mission Lane

Mission Lane is a purpose-driven fintech that leverages advanced technology, data analytics, and machine learning to provide a dignified customer experience to people who are working hard to build or rebuild their credit and improve their financial lives. Mission Lane branded products have terms that are better and easier to understand than most of the alternatives available to people with less-than-pristine credit or limited credit history. The company's digital self-service tools also make it easier for customers to stay on top of their accounts, further helping them succeed in improving their credit scores. To date, the company has issued over two million of its best-in-class, mobile-first credit cards, earning top customer ratings on CreditKarma for its market segment. In addition to Earn, the company recently launched a Credit Builder Account, and offers Mission Money, a debit product. In April 2022, Mission Lane earned a Great Place to Work certification and 91% overall employee satisfaction.


[1] Adam Ozimek, "Report: Freelancing and the Economy in 2019," Upwork, 2019:

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