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NEW Empty (Air-Filled) Substrate Integrated Waveguide (eSIW) PDK Available From 3DGS
[June 21, 2022]

NEW Empty (Air-Filled) Substrate Integrated Waveguide (eSIW) PDK Available From 3DGS

INTERNATIONAL MICROWAVE SYMPOSIUM --3D Glass Solutions (3DGS), an innovative pure-play glass foundry, today announces its eSIW PDK is now available. With built-in design rule checking (DRC), this PDK allows for seamless design flow from schematic layout to full 3D EM analysis and production of 3DGS's proprietary process for low loss Antenna-in-Packages at high frequencies. Nokia, a lead customer using the eSIW technology, will demo this product in the 3DGS booth (number 6057) at IMS.

"We are planning a live demonstration at IMS of two highly integrated D-Band (115 - 170 GHz) radio-on-glass modules capable of spectrally efficient (up to 512-QAM) multi-gigabit wireless data links," says Shahriar Shahramian, Group Leader (Director) - Sensing & Communication ASICs Research at Nokia Bell Labs. "We plan to show excellent system noise performance, power output, linearity, RF bandwidth and integration that supports wireless communications at D-Band for data-rates beyond 25 Gb/s. We will have a video available for anyone who misses the live demonstration."

"For our customers requiring a low-cost and low-loss millimeter wave substrate with exceptional power-handling capacity, our eSIW is an ideal fit," says Jeb Fleming, CTO and Founder of 3DGS. "This is of particular importance to our customers working on 5G, 6G, and automotive RADAR applications."

Developed in partnership with adence's AWR software team, this PDK has been built to work exclusively under the AWR Analyst environment. Cadence Microwave Office Version 16.01 or later and a valid license key from Cadence are necessary to use the PDK. Leveraging 3DGS' industry-leading photo sensitive glass manufacturing techniques, users can create complete custom devices with accurate RF modeling of device performance. Customer using this tool can build an Antenna in-Package product with full 3D simulation in a matter of days.

Key features include:

  • eSIW enables low loss transmission lines from 30 GHz to >300 GHz
  • Performs like air filled metal waveguides, but in a PCB-like form factor
  • Fabricated using cost effective wafer processes for commercial applications
  • Various fully parameterized artwork cells (p-Cells) make the layout and 3D EM simulations quick and efficient
  • Ability to toggle between standard waveguide and siw layouts for faster EM analysis
  • Additional RDL layers in the future will enable complex integration of flip chip die attachment and digital bias
  • Efficient thermal transfer due to large number of copper plated vias

The eSIW PDK is completely free of charge, however requesters are required to have an NDA in place with 3DGS. For further information, or to obtain the eSIW PDK, please email [email protected].

About 3DGS

3D Glass Solutions (3DGS) is an innovative pure-play glass foundry enabling its customers to design novel, high-frequency 3D components that are manufactured in the 3DGS brand new, state-of-the-art, 40,000+ sq ft manufacturing facility. Your design - 3DGS manufacturing - your product. Leveraging the unique properties of our patented APEX glass-ceramic material, 3DGS technology enables performance much better than traditional 2D components. The result is Integrated Passive Devices (IPD) in the RF space with superior electrical performance and ultra-low transmission loss at high frequencies ranging from 1 to 500+ GHz. Using traditional semiconductor processes, 3DGS produces cost-effective, high-precision, high-volume-scale components that meet the needs of consumer, commercial, and mil/aero systems.

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