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From product marketing to user operation the concept of Chinese car manufacturers has changed dramatically
[May 27, 2022]

From product marketing to user operation the concept of Chinese car manufacturers has changed dramatically

ANKARA, Turkey, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Roland Berger, an international management consulting firm, proposed that user operation has become the third driving force for car companies.

For a long time, most car companies have not faced users directly, have not been able to obtain the most direct information, and have not heard users' suggestions. With the development of automobile intelligence and digitization, this situation in China has begun to change in recent years. So far, almost all car companies have been chanting slogans to attach importance to user operations, and have carried out various car enthusiast activities.

Chery Automobile also promoted the latest concept of user operation to the world. From the year of 2020, Chery has built a global user interaction platform for the first time, and held the first season of With Chery with Love (WCWL), covering more than 20 countries around the world, accumulating more than 00,000 People participated in the sharing histories with Chery. And now the second season of WCWL is going on.

Recently, Chery held its first user operation event in Kazakhstan. The theme of the event was a picnic in spring, also there was also a lively band singing at the event, and all the people were excited and happy. The event was well received by local Chery car owners in Kazakhstan, which enhanced the local Chery users' recognition of Chery's overall brand and services.

In Peru, Chery also held its first user operation event to provide car owners with a platform to get to know each other. 27 TIGGO 7 PRO owners gathered together to share their stories with Chery, deepening mutual understanding. After the event, the car owner commented on the social media platform: "I have never participated in this kind of event before, I believe this is not the last time, it even makes me want to buy a TIGGO 7 PRO again, thanks to Chery for bringing me Happy memory!".

The purpose of customer operation is to really go deep into the car owners, discover what car owners really care about, and truly bring Chery's care and warmth to global users, thereby enhancing the upward influence and reputation of the Chery brand. User operation will also be the key trend of automotive industry future development.

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