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Flexsus Selects GenXys To Accelerate Precision Medicine Program
[May 19, 2022]

Flexsus Selects GenXys To Accelerate Precision Medicine Program

VANCOUVER, BC, May 19, 2022 /CNW/ -- GenXys Health Care Systems, Inc., the global leader in precision prescribing software with embedded pharmacogenetic data, recently finalized another customer deal to advance precision medicine initiatives with Ohio-based Flexsus, the laboratory division of FlexHealth.

GenXys continues to land high-quality partners like Flexsus as it builds its patient user base.

Combined with GenXys' best-in-class precision prescribing platform, Flexsus can now perform pharmacogenomic (PGx)  testing and report results that identify medication that may be most efficacious for individuals based upon their genomic profile, with the goal of enhancing patient wellness. Flexsus also performs molecular testing that aids in the diagnosis or detection of pathogens, measures the progress or recovery from infection, or confirms that an individual is free from infection.

GenXys' award-winning precision prescribing software with embedded pharmacogenetics will ensure differentiated PGx solutions for the Flexsus networked pharmacists and expanded medication review capabilities with PGx inclusion to drive PGx use. GenXys will overlay its expertise with the delivery of a seamless connection and securitized data flow between Laboratory Information Management Systems, electronic health records, and other systems. It will also include patient health variables and interactions beyond PGx to provide absolute confidence in prescribing decisions. 

GenXys is elping to make marked changes in the way people approach precision medicine in community care.

"As North America's powerhouse support tool for precision prescribing, we are proud of the number of PGx profiles our software processes," says Karl Pringle, CEO of GenXys. "Being a cloud-based solution means all our customers are conforming to the latest clinical and pharmacogenetic guidelines set by CPIC, FDA, and other industry groups. Providing evidence-based prescribing support with real-time PGx assessment and inclusion is becoming a must-have, not a nice-to-have. Through the integration with Flexsus, we're also able to include existing medication history into the clinical decision support process and enable providers to use PGx data automatically at the point of care."

GenXys is continuing the trend to land high-quality partners and build a substantial user base covering thousands of patients.

"The GenXys software suite will allow Flexsus to offer unparalleled services to its customers and improve patient safety and treatment response," said Samuel Tang, CEO of Flexsus. "The flexibility of the GenXys platform coupled with the company's unwavering focus on established evidence made them a clear fit for our providers and patients who want the ultimate confidence in the prescribing decisions."

 GenXys also continues to expand its U.S.-focused delivery team of professionals with the recent addition of  David Wolfe, an established leader at the intersection of pharmacogenomics, clinical care, pharmacy informatics, and hospital pharmacy computer systems.

About GenXys Health Care Systems  

GenXys, with global headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, provides the world's most comprehensive precision prescribing solutions with embedded pharmacogenetics to solve one of healthcare's biggest challenges: inappropriate ("trial-and-error") prescribing. GenXys' clinical decision support software suite is in use by major insurance providers, health systems, and pharmacies across North America. Ongoing global clinical studies are paving the way into geographical markets to enable GenXys to realize its vision of powering every prescription with its software to increase patient safety, improve population health, and reduce healthcare costs.  

About Flexsus

Flexsus is the laboratory division of FlexHealth. The Company is centrally located in Columbus, Ohio, providing value-added molecular diagnostic and pharmacogenomic testing across the majority of the United States. FlexHealth has established a precision prescribing ecosystem that includes personalized drug manufacturing (compounding) that empowers health systems, pharmacists, and insurance providers, by leveraging pharmacogenomic test data to deliver actionable results that improve patient safety, employee wellness, and reduce healthcare spend.

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