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AGAT Announces the Launch of AI Sentiment Analysis of Chats & Meetings in Microsoft Teams and Webex
[May 12, 2022]

AGAT Announces the Launch of AI Sentiment Analysis of Chats & Meetings in Microsoft Teams and Webex

JERUSALEM, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, AGAT Software announced the launch of its AI Sentiment Analysis tool integrated with Microsoft Teams, Webex, and soon, Zoom and Slack.

Sentiment analysis is designed to determine whether the feelings underlying speech are positive, negative, or neutral. AGAT has developed and trained their proprietary sentiment analysis AI engine specializing in transcript and chat to be able to identify specific emotions, like joyfulness, happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, or sadness.

Sentiment analysis is vital for any company that wishes to spread positive behavior to all their employees. The employee reports it generates can be used to compare performance and encourage everyone to improve.

Furthermore, sentiment analysis can help take your business to the next level by detecting any employee-client interaction that may have been negative. This will give you invaluable insight into how current and potential customers think to provide the best customer experience. The software can be especially useful for customer success and support managers, as it allows businesses to improve their direct communications with customers and prioritize their customer support issues by identifying and handling the most negative feedback first.

Sentiment analysis can also be used to help companies better understand how their employees feel by analyzing their communications These results can, be used to effectively reduce employee turnover and increase productivity.

Sentiment analysis also helps HR managers make decisions and organizational changes based on employee feedback and satisfaction and promote proactive action before any interview.

AGAT Software CEO, Yoav Crombie says, "AGAT's Sentiment analysis engine is built specifically to enhance customer satisfaction and employee experience. Sentiment analysis leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to extract sentimental insights from your company data, whether it's in text or voice format."

AGAT Software sentiment analysis provides a powerful artificial intelligence engine to analyze customer feedback and understand the underlying feelings towards the company and its employees. It can be applied to text (chats) or voice (meetings) to better understand communications and decide on how to move forward and improve.

Some sample reports that the sentiment analysis system generates are identifying

  1. Most negative and positive meetings
  2. Most negative and positive chats
  3. Most negative and positive employees
  4. Employee relationship with all others
  5. Trend changes in communication in each of the above categories

Learn more about AGAT's Sentiment Analysis solution:

About AGAT Software – AGAT is an innovative software provider specializing in compliance, security, and productivity for Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) services such as MS Teams, Webex, Skype, Zoom, and Slack. Among AGAT's main capabilities are Ethical wall, Real-time DLP, eDiscovery, and Governance.

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Yoav Crombie
Co-Founder & CEO
AGAT Software
Email: [email protected]

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