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OpenNebula 6.4 Expanding its Flexibility with On-Demand HCI on Hybrid and Edge Cloud
[May 11, 2022]

OpenNebula 6.4 Expanding its Flexibility with On-Demand HCI on Hybrid and Edge Cloud

OpenNebula 6.4 "Archeon" is the third stable release of the OpenNebula 6 series, taking the building blocks of innovation and multi-cloud capability, and extending its reach for organizations to build their own native hyperconverged infrastructure solutions using Ceph. With OpenNebula 6.4 "Archeon", the introduction of a hyperconverged solution fits right in-line with organizations preserving the agility of public cloud infrastructure without relinquishing control of hardware on their own premises. With the versatility to deploy an HCI infrastructure on-premises just as easily as on AWS bare-metal resources, users have the ability to build their Hybrid Enterprise Cloud with extended latitude to include public cloud resources, as well as resources at the edge. The already established ability to dynamically add more hosts on-demand, as well as to seamlessly repatriate workloads from AWS at any time, widens the scope. The levels of abstraction are amplified, and the automation improved, providing an even simpler solution with a continued eye on flexibility and robust capability. This latest release provides all of the tools necessary for an on-demand Enterprise HCI solution on Hybrid and also at the Edge.

Additionally, OpenNebula 6.4 "Archeon" brings long-awaited features and capabilities to the fully-functional new Sunstone nterface for end-users. The management of VM templates and instances is more streamlined and lays the groundwork for continued GUI advancements and improved user experience.

Additional updates to "Archeon" include virtual networks offering better integration with data center networking infrastructure, improved virtual network synchronization with service VMs, and extended customization features coming in the form of newly-developed "network states". Expanded support for GPU cards, upgrades to the LXC driver, as well as the VMware vCenter driver, bring added integration to the hypervisor side of the cloud universe.

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About OpenNebula Systems

OpenNebula Systems develops OpenNebula, supports its Community, and provides SLA-based support, enterprise tools, consulting, and managed cloud services. OpenNebula Systems has a global presence with offices in Europe and the US.

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Part of this functionality was funded by the SME Instrument of the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, under grant agreement ONEedge-"A Software-defined Edge Computing Solution"-880412.

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