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Marble Simplifies Development of a New Generation of Digital Health Applications and Experiences
[March 30, 2022]

Marble Simplifies Development of a New Generation of Digital Health Applications and Experiences

DALLAS and TORONTO, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marble today unveiled a powerful new API platform allowing application developers in various industries and use cases to access and leverage patient-authorized digital health data easily. By unlocking access to this data, Marble’s API fuels innovation that disrupts how companies build solutions for digital health.

Many businesses and applications don’t work directly with physicians, and, as a result, they don’t have the same privileges to access health data as those in healthcare. The only way for these businesses to get health data is to ask their users to grant them consent, but current methods are onerous and not scalable for digital health needs. These businesses spend more developer time building sub-optimal solutions for retrieving health information and navigating compliance mandates than putting that data to work. This negatively impacts their ability to create modern, innovative digital applications with experiences that consumers demand.

Marble’s API helps developers navigate the complex health data ecosystem with a way to manage patient authorization and consent, and access a vast data network from EMRs, health information exchanges (HIEs), release of information vendors, and payors. Marble simplifies patient identity and consent to access and share patient data while aggregating it into FHIR compatible resources on the front end. Developers gain network searchability and can retrieve and store data at their fingertips—while meeting HIPAA compliance and other privacy mandates. Marble enables businesses to realize the benefit of the 21st Century Cures Act, which requires U.S. healthcare organizations to make health data available to patients and third parties via secure, standards-based APIs.

“W envision Marble as the Plaid of the digital health data space with a modern API-driven approach that removes barriers to innovation,” said Kevin Callahan, chief product officer, Marble. “For developers, we’ve removed the heavy lifting that slows down time-to-market. And consumers can share their data more easily with apps and services of their choice.”

A new platform, Marble is the next evolution of Medchart. The Marble API opens the underlying technology behind Medchart to the masses. Medchart continues as a product line under the new Marble brand and is a shining example of how developers can use Marble APIs to build connected health data products to service personal injury and class action attorneys in North America. The company plans to be the technology behind millions of legal, insurance, consumer health, life sciences, and research innovations with its API.

“Given that healthcare is a $10T global market and digital health is projected to be $600B by 2024, Marble represents a ‘sky is the limit’ opportunity. Hundreds of health applications are released every day, and many industries beyond healthcare use digital health data,” said James Bateman, co-founder and CEO of Marble and Medchart. “But innovators delivering the next generation of applications and experiences are not experts in accessing health data or navigating the myriad legal and privacy mandates. With Marble, these companies can redirect time and resources to focus on quickly delivering competitive products that differentiate themselves within their respective industries.”

Currently, development teams at leading companies are participating in the Marble API beta program. Learn more by visiting Marble’s website.

About Marble

Marble is on a mission to positively impact lives by enabling consumer-mediated health data exchange for businesses, applications, and services that patients use. Marble fuels digital health innovators by providing developers with a simple solution to connect to and navigate a complex health data ecosystem. The company’s API infrastructure offers identity validation, HIPAA-compliant consent management, and connections to hundreds of thousands of data sources—all served through FHIR-friendly resources which are easily integrated into customer workflows. With offices in Dallas, San Francisco, and Toronto, Marble is powering businesses with customers across North America with its rapidly expanding national data coverage. For more information, visit

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