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Monopoly On-chain Aims to Revolutionize Passive Income Generation Through Real Estate
[March 24, 2022]

Monopoly On-chain Aims to Revolutionize Passive Income Generation Through Real Estate

Monopoly On-chain opens the doors of the robust US housing market to the digital asset world through it's utility token; MPT. 

Powered by Blockhain, Accessible Worldwide and Backed by Real Estate

POTOMAC, Md., March 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- There have been many different ways to generate passive income in the digital asset space but none have been able to connect one of the most stable forms of income to blockchain. Monopoly On-chain is connecting the digital asset space with the real estate market. MPT token holders have direct access to rental income generated from the properties Monopoly On-chain has under its' portfolio. 

Welcome to the future of real estate investing.

Not Only Stable & Non-fluctuating But Also Ever-Increasing Passive Income   

Monopoly On-Chain will be distributing the rental income collected from all properties within it's portfolio with the MPT utility token holders, as USDT. This means, the token holders will receive stable passive income, no matter how the crypto markets fluctuate. In addition to this, MPT utility token holders will be receiving passive income from the entire property portfolio of Monopoly On-chain. This means, the passive income distributed to MPT utility token holders will be steadily increasing over time as the Monopoly On-chain portfolio expands.

Monopoly On-Chain Utility Token: MPT

In a nutshell, MPT utility token holders will;

  • Have direct access to the rental income generated through the properties within the US market.
  • Benefit directly from the additionl properties Monopoly On-Chain acquires.
  • Benefit directly from the buy, sell, transfer transactions since 2% of every single transaction will be distributed as USDT to the token stakers.
  • Have direct access to the exact address, the date and the dollar amount of purchase, as well as the estimated current value of each property within Monopoly On-chain's portfolio.  

Solid Return on Investment through tangible property in one of the most robust housing markets in the world, is how Monopoly On-chain is connecting the digital asset space with what has been missing. 

There are many hurdles in the existing traditional real estate investment methods and Monopoly On-Chain is removing all of the barriers. You don't have to be in the USA. You don't have to be an accredited investor. You don't have to allocate a large sum of funds to participate and create a passive income for yourself while the token you are holding & staking appreciates over time. 

Starting with only a $108 K market cap, with multiple properties already in the portfolio, and having already achieved funding targets, MPT utility token is positioned in a great start. Out of 100M total MPT tokens, only 1,2M tokens will be released to circulation upon hitting the first decentralized exchange. In addition to the low supply, since only the stakers will receive the monthly rental income as well as a share of transactional volume as USDT rewards, the tokens available for purchase will be very low. This creates a very dry supply of MPT tokens in the market and will affect the token's price positively. 

Extremely low market cap, small number of circulating tokens, solid passive income as stable USDT rewards distributed to only stakers, which in return, puts a higher pressure on tokens available, rent income distribution from month number one, backed by tangible property in the US, the MPT utility token is starting at the pole position. 

According to MPT Tokenomics;

  • At TGE only 2.79 % of all tokens are released
  • In 6. month only 10.4 % of all tokens are released
  • In 1. Year only 16.9 % of all tokens are released
  • In 2. Year only 25.1 % of all tokens are released
  • In 5. Year only 43.1 % of all tokens are released
  • In 10. Year almost 54.2 % of all tokens are released

MPT implements "Anti-Whale Policy" for token allocation. 

Big investor's token vesting period is prolonged;

  • For 5K/25K USD of investment to 23 months
  • For 1K/5K USD of investment to 11 months
  • Tokens will be delivered in total 2 years gradually

Long-visioned project: Token release in 25 years!

Token Release Outlines
-All tokens are released in 25 years
-Team token release starts on TGE+ 6 months and completed in 5 years
-Marketing, reserve, liquidity, staking reward tokens are released in 25 years
-Big investors and advisors token release start TGE+  8 Months completed in 2 years.

For Pre-sale and Whitelist,

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