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Calabrio Releases New Performance Coaching to Facilitate Agent Success and Customer Service Excellence
[February 01, 2022]

Calabrio Releases New Performance Coaching to Facilitate Agent Success and Customer Service Excellence

Calabrio, the customer experience intelligence company, today announced its new coaching solution for agent performance management, Calabrio Performance Coaching. The machine-learning-enabled module in the Calabrio ONE Workforce Engagement Management suite enhances the ability of contact center managers to record and track agent performance metrics, providing data to facilitate performance and coaching conversations. Identifying individual or team skill gaps lets leaders better know when to offer coaching and support to agents that need it.

Contact centers are facing new challenges, including the shift to remote work and workers leaving their jobs as part of "The Great Resignation." These challenges have been coupled with customer interactions becoming more taxing than ever. A recent agent well-being study from Calabrio revealed that channel expansion and increased interaction complexity are two of the top stressors for agents. Agents say that they are managing more than 14 additional omnichannel interactions every day compared to 18 months ago.

These industry dynamics have left agents experiencing even more stress and feeling that employers aren't doing enough to provide support. The top two wishes agents identified in Calabrio's survey were more frequent training and more personalized development. Calabrio Performance Coaching is designed to provide contact center managers with the insights to deliver these to their agents, leveraging information they already have in Calabrio Quality Management.

"As the hyrid model cements itself in the world of work - and agents find themselves feeling more isolated than ever - data and automated insights will not just apply to understanding customer journeys but those of frontline employees too," said Matt Matsui, chief product officer of Calabrio "Now, technology must empower our coaches, instantly highlighting areas where an agent struggles, succeeds and where there are opportunities for development. Performance Coaching gives contact center leaders an efficient tool to ensure they are consistently putting their agents in a position to succeed and provide the best service possible to customers."

Performance Coaching will function as an add-on to Quality Management in the Calabrio ONE suite and will:

  • Identify Opportunities for Agent Growth: Performance Coaching will allow managers to monitor agent interactions for potential skill and behavior gaps affecting customer experiences. Supervisors can identify how effective agents are with the tools at their disposal as well as track their performance across multiple interactions and across different KPIs.
  • Provide Agents with Success Strategies: Performance Coaching facilitates better strategies for agent success. The platform integration with Calabrio workforce management software will enable automatic training scheduling based on individual agent metrics or gaps. Performance Coaching will also integrate with learning management systems, to provide training to address agent gaps, and gamification tools to reward improvement and success.
  • Provide Coaches with Valuable Feedback Performance Coaching also improves coaching effectiveness. The module helps to identify the best coaches in the organization and highlight which coaches excel in which performance areas. Performance Coaching also identifies which training tools perform the best and which ones may need updating.

Research advisory group Gartner advises employers to focus on "Ensuring well-being and employee experience through extreme data collection and listening: Distributed work makes it harder to track how employees are feeling and experiencing new ways of working."1

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1 Source: Gartner, Future of Work Trends: Work Is Distributed by Helen Poitevin, 15 October 2021

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