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Rideshare EARTH Poised for Accelerated Growth, Building on Market Expansion With 39% Increase in Riders and 25% Increase in Contract Drivers in 2021
[January 19, 2022]

Rideshare EARTH Poised for Accelerated Growth, Building on Market Expansion With 39% Increase in Riders and 25% Increase in Contract Drivers in 2021

EARTH, an innovative rideshare service exclusively powered by electric vehicles (EVs), today announced the company has achieved a 39% increase in riders choosing the service and a 25% expansion of its pool of drivers over the past year. The company currently operates in Nashville, TN and Austin, TX, two markets with a high density of electric vehicle owners.

115,000 riders chose EARTH in 2021, the company's first fully operational year. Those rides resulted in 250 tons of offset carbon emissions into the atmosphere. To date, EARTH has received 30,000 reviews and 99.2% of its passengers report a positive experience. In addition, more people experienced EVs for the first time, with 85% of EARTH's first-time riders reporting they had never been in an EV until they rode with EARTH. With EARTH, riders enjoyed an eco-friendly selection of vehicles ranging from Teslas to Mustang Mach-Es.

"We are thrilled about the team's work ensuring we are delivering a truly differentiated experience, continuously listening to the needs of our drivers and riders," said EARTH Founder and CEO Raven Hernandez. "In 2022, we look forward to further elevating the driver and rider experience for those on EARTH as our team grows and expands into new markets."

In 2022, EARTH plans to expand its team of independent contractor drivers to Chattanooga and Memphis, TN and San Antonio and Waco, TX. EARTH is also looking to expand its services to Southern California in the near-term future. With each new market expansion, EARTH prioritizes partnering with local businesses. Currently, EARTH has 200 partnerships in Tennessee and Texas including major hotel chains, service centers, and Airbnb experience hosts.

According to investor Kevin Mills, President of Audiochuck Inc., owner of the podcast, Crime Junkies, "I invested in Earth because of their mission to transform the rideshare industry through clean energy vehicles." Mills added, "This business model will set a revolutionary standard in the industry, and I am continually impressed with founders Raven Hernandez and Peter Smith and their ability to eecute against their vision while developing lasting relationships with partners who share their vision."

Beyond its exclusive focus on electric vehicles, another differentiator for the company is its focus on its drivers' experience. Drivers are paid either an hourly wage or commission and 100% of their tip. In addition, both employees and gig drivers are offered health insurance benefits. EARTH prides itself on transparency and has implemented policies that intentionally facilitate and ease open, ongoing communication with all drivers. Riders benefit from EARTH's values with the ability to avoid surge pricing, exercise their choice to ride in an EV and with top-rated drivers.

The privately funded rideshare company is currently pursuing funding via an equity crowdfunding service that connects startups with investors online, Over the course of a few months, EARTH raised nearly $1 million.


Powered exclusively by electric vehicles, EARTH is changing the way passengers, drivers and businesses access clean energy. Founded in 2020 by Raven Hernandez and Peter Smith the rideshare service is committed to providing clean transportation for everyone. During its first full year of operations in Nashville, TN and Austin, TX, EARTH offset 220 tons of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. For more information, please visit EARTH's website or social media channels Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn.

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