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Mytheria - The First Create - To - Earn NFT Game Reaped Huge Success With the January IGO on Binance
[January 12, 2022]

Mytheria - The First Create - To - Earn NFT Game Reaped Huge Success With the January IGO on Binance

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Jan. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons - the Create - To - Earn NFT TCG game inspired by mythology had a fruitful Initial Game Offering (IGO) on Binance on January 6, 2022 with the most exclusive Diamond packages sold out in just under 3 seconds. The NFT game industry is booming, and the aspiring newbie Mytheria is surely speeding up.

Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons had everything it needed to create a wave of excitement in the NFT community. It has the unique mythological plot, characters inspired by gods, carefully-invested graphics and MOBA-mixed-card gameplay that make it stand out in the NFT game market. Most importantly, there is no need to stick to the in-game card artwork because the game is testing its unique God Forge feature for artists, especially 2D, 3D and VFX animators, to create their god images. Players can then choose images from their favorite artists, make the cards their own and trade or auction them on the Mytheria Marketplace. It is the Create - To - Earn (C2E) part for artists. Just like how NFT art creators make their money, design enthusiasts will have the chance to earn money from their work right in the game. C2E creates an additional stream of income for artists similar to how Play - To - Earn (P2E) benefits players. All they have to do is unleash their talents to make their work as attractive as possible.

In this IGO, the God Forge feature was tested for the first time. This feature will contribute to the global creator economy, with a more significant test planned to be rolled out in the next NFT sale events. Mytheria tested the direct revenue shared with artists who contributed their art to this special sale event. They will be entitled to transaction commission once their artworks are traded on the Mytheria website.

Mytheria offered a total of 3000 Pandora Packages, including only 50 Diamond Packages and 2950 Gold Packages, all claimed after 24 hours of sale opening, which showed the enthusiasm many long-awaiting players had for this NFT game. The Diamond Package included five strong cards with a Legendary God and above guaranteed in a Diamond chest and a Limited Immortal Zodiac Card. The Gold Package includes 10 Gold chests with 50 cards and the double chance of getting a God. Those who missed this IGO may have the opportunity to obtain the Diamon Package again. Mytheria will release a total of 500 Diamond Chests, but the first 50 chests are already sold out in under 3 seconds, so interested players would need to be fast to claim one in the future sales. On the other hand, the Gold Chests would never be re-released after this IGO, so whoever was lucky enough to claim the Gold Packages this time can ensure a strong start in the game with more chances to get God cards.

A particular part of this IGO was the 12 Zodiac Animals, a distinct trait in Vietnamese, Chinese, Japan and Korean culture. The cards were included in both the Diamond Package and Gold Package. They are 100% guaranteed in Diamond Packages. For Gold Packages, the rate of obtaining the cards is 1.69% but will drop lower in the future. Only 2600 Zodiac Animals Cards will ever be minted and 100 cards were released this time. The splendid artistic quality and stunning in - game skills would surely make these cards highly valued on the trading markets. The more Zodiac Cards players possess, the more power they can wield. If players miss the sales, they can still buy on the Binance Marketplace or Mytheria Marketplace, but it may not be for the best price.

Mytheria also hosted a community contest from January 5th to 15th with a $10,000 prize pool in the event of this IGO. Users can join via the Gleam link to have a chance to win Diamond Packages, Gold Packages and USDT. Additionally, 5 lucky users who successfully bought the packages during the Binance IGO, and 5 most active users on Mytheria’s Telegram Global Group will also be given some generous prize.

Behind a game that embraces culture and art

Mytheria was born out of a passion for NFT, and most importantly, game and art. It was penned by Artist Le Manh Cuong, who spent years researching gods in cultures from all around the world, such as Thor and Odin from Norse mythology, Zeus from Ancient Greek, or Sun Wu Kong from China, to develop the character designs. It has gained the attention of NFT game supporters for its eye-catching visuals and aesthetics amongst many NFT games in the market.

The team is meticulous over the smallest details in the game. More than anyone else, they understand that a P2E game is not all about earning money. It still needs to satisfy gamers’ eyes (with visuals) and brain (with game play). This game is indeed one of very few NFT games that hit all the right marks for players.

Mytheria is a game by the community, for the community. The team would not keep the game to their own. They are calling for artists to join them with the God Forge feature. Mytheria aimed to be a co-creation platform, a healthy and encouraging playground for game design lovers. Anyone can contribute their frames, sounds, and decorations and earn money from them. Artist Le Manh Cuong saw this feature as a promising path with much potential, and he hoped it would help create a "complete creator economy" for artists and Mytherians. Le Manh Cuong ensured creators that God Forge would not affect the game environment and their privacy at all. All transactions are transparent and safe with Blockchain technology from Whydah - one of the leading Vietnamese companies in the field.

Next up, Mytheria would continue to develop the God Forge feature fully and upgrade its system to satisfy not only NFT gamers but also game designers and artists. The team hopes to create a rounded experience, where artists can work alongside the in-house team in the creation process and earn money from it. Following the successful IGO on Binance, Mytheria is planning even more stirring events. Interested players, please look forward to Mytheria's future sale and see what excitement they would bring to the C2E and P2E community.

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