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GoPay and Jago collaboration enables Indonesians to open a bank account via the Gojek app
[November 25, 2021]

GoPay and Jago collaboration enables Indonesians to open a bank account via the Gojek app

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- GoPay, a digital wallet and payment solutions platform under GoTo Financial[1], and Bank Jago, an Indonesia-listed technology-based bank, today announced a new service integration that will enable the Indonesian public to open a Jago bank account directly from the Gojek application. This integration between an on-demand platform and a digital bank is the first of its kind in Indonesia, and will provide convenient access to digital banking for the millions of unbanked and underbanked consumers in the country.

GoPay, a digital wallet and payment solutions platform under GoTo Financial, and Bank Jago, an Indonesia-listed technology-based bank, announced a new service integration that will enable the Indonesian public to open a Jago bank account directly from the Gojek application.

The service is available to all consumers in Indonesia with a verified GoPay account[2] and the Gojek application, with no fees or minimum balance required to open a Jago bank account. Once their accounts are opened, GoPay Jago users will not have to pay any top-up fees when moving funds between GoPay and Jago, giving them greater benefits and convenience in managing their finances.

With only 61.7% of Indonesians having a bank account[3], GoPay and Jago's latest integration represents a significant opportunity for both companies to bring digital banking to more people and grow financial inclusion. This is supported by a recent study by the Demographic Institute of the University of Indonesia (LDUI), which showed that 1 in 5 GoPay users currently do not have or use a bank account actively. At the same time, consumers are increasingly ready to use financial services, with 1 in 4 GoPay users interested in opening a bank account through GoPay, based on the same study.

The integration complements a feature launched earlier this year, which allows Jago users to connect their Jago pockets[4] to the Gojek app and make cashless payments for Gojek services such as transport, food, bill payments and more. Together, this means that GoPay Jago users can now enjoy a fully seamless experience in payments and financial management.

Hans Patuwo, CEO of GoPay, said: "Accelerating financial inclusion in Indonesia has been GoPay's mission from day one, so today's integration with Jago is a true game changer for us. It marks a new phase in our efforts to bring digital financial services to more people, as we provide convenient access to banking for millions across the country and help them kickstart their financial planning journeys. We will continue to work with Jago and other financial institutions, leveraging our respective strengths to deliver a truly unique, frictionless financial management experience for consumers from all levels of society."

Kharim Siregar, President Director of Bank Jago, said: "Jago aims to enhance the growth of millions through life-centric digital financial services, and our collaboration with GoPay is tangible proof of this commitment. By linking our app - which makes money management simple, innovative, and collaborative - with GoPay's wide reach, we can provide new benefits and an improved experience for consumers, enabling them to transact quickly, easily and safely in the Gojek ecosystem. With this integration between GoPay and Jago, consumers can now open a Jago account via the Gojek application as well as use their Jago pockets as a source of funds to pay for various daily necessities."

About GoPay

GoPay is a leading digital wallet and payments solution platform aimed at improving lives and promoting financial inclusion across Southeast Asia. It is part of GoTo Financial, the payments and financial services arm of Indonesia's largest technology group, GoTo.

GoPay was first established in Indonesia in 2015 as a digital wallet. Since then, it has grown to become a gateway to a wide range of financial products and services, helping millions of Indonesians access digital banking services, micro loans, investments and insurance. In 2019, Gojek through GoPay was included in Fortune's "Change The World" list.

In 2021, in a first of its kind collaboration in Indonesia, GoPay and Bank Jago introduced a new service integration that enables users to directly open a Bank Jago account through the Gojek application, providing Indonesians with access to digital banking services and enhanced convenience in financial management.

About Bank Jago

Bank Jago was established in Bandung in 1992 under the name PT Bank Artos Indonesia (Bank Artos). After serving customers for more than 27 years with conventional banking products, Bank Artos entered a new era in 2019 by having PT Metamorfosis Ekosistem Indonesia (MEI) and Wealth Track Technology Limited (WTT) as new controlling shareholders after they acquired Bank Artos shares of 37.65% (MEI) and 13.35% (WTT).

After the Phase II Limited Public Offering (PUT), the total ownership of MEI and WTT stands at 41.49%. The entry of institutional investors - Gojek, through its payments and financial services arm GoTo Financial, and GIC Pte - also strengthens Bank Jago's pipeline of innovative financial solutions.

Through banking products and services that are embedded in an ecosystem optimized by technology, Bank Jago aspires to be a strong and innovative tech-based bank that is ready to fulfill the needs of retail (consumers), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and mass market segments.

[1] GoTo Financial and Gojek are part of GoTo Group, the largest technology group in Indonesia combining on-demand, e-commerce and financial services.

[2] A user can verify their GoPay account in a few simple steps. A verified account, known as GoPay Plus, gives users access to additional benefits.

[3] National Financial Inclusion Council. Financial Inclusion Survey 2020.

[4] Jago's Pockets feature enables customers to manage their savings and expenditure by creating pockets of funds for different purposes, such as daily necessities, vacation savings, shopping and more. These pockets can also be created for shared savings and expenditure with family and friends.


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