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Invest in Indonesia: JEJALA ID highlights opportunities for European Investors
[November 24, 2021]

Invest in Indonesia: JEJALA ID highlights opportunities for European Investors

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ministry of Communications and Informatics of Indonesia is holding an online networking event for European investors on November 30, 2021 to present the potential investment opportunities in the country's booming start-ups.

This event is part of the Joint Exhibition & Junction of Startup Landscape in Indonesia or JEJALA ID, a networking event held by the Ministry to help connect startup founders with investors and venture capitalists. It will be attended by the Ministry's Director-General of Informatics Applications, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, and founders from growing startup sectors in the country, Ernest Layman from Rekosistem, Gibran Huzaifah from eFishery and Budi Gandasoebrata from Gopay.

For more information and to register, please click here:

"Indonesia's economy is changing faster than ever. Due to the increased development of innovative and impactful business solutions these past few years, we are able to tackle longstanding issues such as environmental issues and financial inclusion. From the government perspective, we are doing our utmost to continue this positive change – and therefore recognise that the right investments can supercharge the startup ecosystem, unleashig Indonesia's true economic potential," said Semuel Pangerapan, the Director-General of Informatics Applications of The Ministry of Communications and Informatics of Indonesia.

Investment key to uncovering Indonesia's economic potential

Indonesia is currently undergoing a great economic transformation. Based on an income classification report released by the World Bank, Indonesia is classified as an upper-middle-income nation and has the distinction of being the largest economy in South-East Asia. Importantly, this change is driven by home-grown companies that deliver goods, products, and services to Indonesia's huge market of more than 270 million citizens.

With efforts now focused on connecting both early-stage startups and investors, both investors and startups can now look forward to accessing relationships not available to them previously.

Financial inclusion as a lucrative investment opportunity

One of biggest issues facing the Indonesian economy is the fact that a large portion of its population remains unbanked due to their conservative methods of risk assessment. Reports show that in 2020, MSME's contribute a staggering 60% of the country's GDP and 97% of employment, yet only 13% of MSME's have access to capitalization. In combination with a lack of national digital identity infrastructure, a lot of economic GDP potential is lost in its current state.

Being more agile, flexible and unburdened by legacy systems, financial infrastructure companies have much greater scope to reduce costs and bring financial services to people who could not previously access it. By leveraging big data, machine learning and alternative data, fintech firms can develop innovative risk assessment models to help a large number of people who do not have access to financial services.

With such a large market, startups would need to collaborate with investors to help deliver such impactful solutions. Therefore, this presents as a great opportunity to supercharge both investors' interests and the Indonesian economy.

About the Ministry of Communication and Informatics

The Ministry of Communications and Informatics is the official government agency of Indonesia tasked with formulating and implementing national policies in the field of communication and informatics. It is also responsible for accelerating the distribution of information technology and digital infrastructure so that the public can have efficient access to up-to-date telecommunications and internet networks.

SOURCE Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Republic of Indonesia

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